Sports bras

This is a question for the ladies out there that are not (or were not) exactly small on top . . .

I'm starting to exercise more lately, and want to up it to more active things than just walking or hiking, but I'm heavy and not exactly flat, and haven't been able to find a good sports bra. I want to try dance, kickboxing, maybe a little jogging, but it's actually a bit painful, and certainly feels awkward when there are other people around. I'm willing to invest in a good one if it actually works, but every one I've tried so far has not helped with the excess movement and I know there MUST be a decent brand out there somewhere! I just don't want to spend any more money on ones that feel supportive, but then wear out in a month or two, or don't really help when I'm active.

Any suggestions? I'd love links to brands or styles you've liked!


  • NC_Girl
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    Thanks for asking this question as I've been having some breast pain since losing 75lbs and that is what they are saying my pain is from. I've taken to wearing a sports bra to bed at night and I'm feeling a little better. Also on Dr's recommendations I am cutting back on caffeine. But all of this has started me wondering if I'm wearing a proper sports bra. Ive typically worn just cheap ones but I think it's time to reconsider. For regular bars I have been wearing 18 Hour but I'm finding even those are no longer comfortable. Hopefully you get some good feedback.
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    When I lost weight, my chest size didn’t budge so when I became a runner I had to figure out how to minimize the bounce. Been running 8 years now and this is what works for me:
    I wear 2 sports bras at once, one underwire and one soft compression bra, one on top of the other for extra support. For the underwire I wear the brand “Freya” that I buy on Ebay. They come from the UK and make larger cup sizes that I cannot find in stores in the US and usually cost around $20 each. For the soft bra I wear any I find at TJMAXX and Marshalls and they cost around $8 each. It’s important to get the correct size as well so you might find sizing instructions on a website called “breakout bras” they claim most women wear too big a band size and too small a cup size so you might find you’re not the size you think you are, I know this was true for me. Most of the support should come from the band… not from the straps! Once I figured out my true size I found bras much more supportive and it even improved my posture… no more hunched and indented shoulders from the straps! Since the underwire bra band is quite snug, I wear the soft sports bra underneath it to prevent chafing and for extra support, another soft bra can also be worn on top of those to help minimize bounce, don’t be afraid to try different layering techniques to see what works for you. I’ve had the Freya underwire bras for years and they are great quality and even though they’ve been through countless delicate cycle washings, they look practically new, just be sure to air dry them, no dryer. Good luck and happy running! :)
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    I second wearing two bras. My preferred brand is the triumph tri-action bra underneath with a fitted, no-wire bra on top. I got the fitted bra from the runfaster website. I like triumph so use their brand, but I have a great Bendon one I wear as well.
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    I love my Under Armour sports bras! Comfortable, supportive and durable. Make sure to get the right size for any sports bra so that the compression is appropriate.
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    Thanks to all 3 of you for your thoughts! I will look into those styles and brands, but keep the suggestions coming!
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    When I weighed over 230 pounds I found the best sports bra for me was Enell. Absolutely NOTHING moved when I wore it. As I got smaller I switched to Moving Comfort/Brooks and really like their different styles.
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    I second moving comfort/brooks. I also love Lululemon runtimes bra.
  • I like 90 Degrees and Velocity. I bought them quite some time ago at Winners.
    Coincidently, I went to Winners today because I wanted two more sports bras. I tried on about 10 different ones. I came home with two Puma bras. The two I bought today don’t have removable cups or cups at all. I really liked the fit. It has a more broad back and is made from moisture wicking fabric.

    From my perspective, the amount of support and the level of comfort are very individual and you have to try them on.

    Good luck.
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    I switched to Syrokan. I used to buy Moving Comfort’s Maia but Brooks changed the design and it now feels more like a push-up bra. Syrokan has a full-coverage high-impact bounce-control minimizer sports bra.
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    The Moving Comfort Maia bra is probably the best sports bra ever. As mentioned by others, Brooks bought it, changed it...and I thnk also discontinued it. You can find them in Poshmark though, and if you can find a used one in good shape, it's worth buying and giving a good wash. I have found underwire to be a necessity - so under armor and all of those tend to be out of the running. I've tried Wacoal (3 bras in 2 different styles) and they're terrible - the straps dont stay adjusted if you intend to do anything resembling high impact cardio.

    I recently bought a Panache brand at the advice of many friends. I dont love how it looks, but in terms of bounce and support, it's a close second to my old Maia bras and they have a pretty good range of sizes.
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    I am not sure what is classified as large, as I feel I am large DD to DDD depending on maker. I found that the best running bra for me is my victoria secret underwire. (sorry I dont remember the exact style name) I have tried not all, but some of the bras mentioned above and still did not like the fit. I hated feeling compressed all the time. With my victoria secret bra, I did not bounce and had all the support needed. Felt more natural. Expensive workout bra, but with delicate wash and hand dry, they last a long time.
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    Check out Title Nine. They have a great variety of bras, and rate them by how supportive they are. They also have a range of sizes. My old favorite was the Juno bra, but they stopped making it. I found a rip off on amazon that seems to do the trick. Some googling will show you an image.
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    I am a 40G-40J depending on the brand I used to LOVE the Moving Comfort then Brooks Maia bra but they don't make it anymore but I finally found a replacement, Glamorise Custom Control Wonderwire it is amaaaaazing!
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    I've never understood why so many manufacturers insist on including a thick tight band. They seem to think women require something to keep the rib cage from expanding. 😡
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    Title Nine; the bras/brands they sell are a little on the spendy side, but they last. They also rate their bras with dumbbells (the more dumbbells, the better support).