Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 174



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    JGM10Ds -|- Round 174
    ☃️❄️🌟 JANUARY 🌟❄️☃️
    😎I'm hovering BELOW 140 (down 87lbs) 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
    • In Maintenance since July 2019
    • Smart BMI - optimal weight.
    • Muscle/Fat %ages in normal range
    Just because Covid restrictions aren’t compulsory doesn’t mean they’re not necessarily.
    People are still dying out there……… and the numbers are on the rise again.
    😷Take care! Stay safe!😷

    January focus:
    maintain weight < 145 (I have been maintaining since July 2019)
    Work on improving stamina, strength, flexibility, which may impact the scale

    I liked this so much I'm borrowing it.
    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    220's; 210's; 200's; 190's; 180's; 170's; 160's; 150's; 140's; 130's
    I’m back to pre-Christmas weight! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

    🔹Posting weight and comments each evening.
    Terri: Female; 76 next birthday; Northern Ireland; married > 55 years; ex Maths teacher; volunteer group leader for U3A (University of the Third Age - life-long learning charity)
    SW: 227 (Mar 2014)
    LW: 136.4(Nov 2021)
    GW: < 145
    I am - MINDFUL - of making heathy choices
    to - MAXIMISE - the achievement of my goals!

    Giving up is NOT an option! I KNOW I am doing this!

    2022 Focus: Maintenance
    Maintain weight < 145
    Work on stamina, strength, and flexibility

    JGM10Ds ROUND 174
    Round 173 EW: 137.2
    07/01: 137.2: Daily Habits🦄
    08/01: 135.8: Daily Habits🦄 unexpected Whoosh!
    09/01: 136.4: Daily Habits 🦄
    10/01: 136.2: Daily Habits 🦄
    11/01: 137.6: Daily Habits 🦄
    12/01: 138.4: Daily Habits 🦄 Hmmm… Cause and effect! Mac & Cheese with chicken and veg for dinner.
    13/01: 138.2: Daily Habits 🦄
    14/01: 139.1: Daily Habits 🦄 I think this was because I was finishing off the Mac & Cheese. I was under goal but obviously to much sodium because of the cheese.
    15/01: 138.4: Daily Habits 🦄
    16/01: 138.4: Daily Habits 🦄

    Daily Habits - 2022
    Daily Habits Update - January 2022
    1. Log ALL CI/CO (Daily)
    2. Stay under goal (Daily)
    3. Balance macros/micros (Daily)
    4. Hydrate adequately (Daily)
    5. Choose healthy options (Daily)
    6. Steps > 7500 (Daily)
    7. Stretch before/after workouts
    8. 15+ minutes Cardio > 5 days a week
    9. 15+ mins Strength > 5 days a week
    10. 15+ mins Flexibility > 5 days a week
    11. Active hours > 6
    12. Practice self-care (Daily)
    13. Stay up to date with accounts (monthly)
    14. Mindfulness Practice/meditation ((Daily - morning/evening)
    15. 1 > 15 mins Declutter sessions (Daily)
    16. Be creative
    17. Purchase essential items only
    18. Read > 1 book from 'to read' pile
    19. Complete > 2 ongoing craft projects (monthly)
    20. Learn something new
    21. Develop Healthy Habits


    THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES OR SHORTCUTS to achieving permanent change.
    REMINDERS: One or two thoughts which might give heart to some of you.
    • Daily weight fluctuations are normal, and can be as much as 2 lbs a day for no apparent reason.
    • A general downward trend is what we are looking for.
    • Eating out can cause apparent weight gain because of high sodium levels, but usually goes quickly. Drinking extra water helps with this.
    • The human body does not react instantly to what we do to it. Sometimes it can take several days to see results.
    • Plateaus are a normal part of the process. The body is consolidating and adapting to your new way of eating/exercising.
    • The closer you get to your goal weight, the more difficult it becomes to lose weight, as your body becomes more efficient at using what you feed it.
    • When you exercise you build muscle, which takes up less space than fat, so use measurements as well as weight to assess your progress.
    • Getting/Staying fit and healthy requires a lifestyle change for most people.
    Stick with the process. It DOES work! But it does take time, effort, and most of all, patience!
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    Lilylady3k wrote: »
    _JeffreyD_ wrote: »
    Lilylady3k wrote: »
    Is @_JeffreyD_ taking a break? I've not seen him post in the last couple of rounds. Missing his humor!

    Thanks for asking! I am away from my normal routine for a couple more weeks then I plan to rejoin. I do have my scale with me. I courageously step on it each morning in spite of the results. 🤪

    Whew!!! Glad to hear you are doing well … where did you and your scale travel?

    Take care and enjoy.

    Southern Florida @Lilylady3k . What round are you on now.?
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    @whitej1234 - Hi! So your 178cm tall? That’s 5foot 10 inches in US? I have to be wrong. And your goal is to weigh 91 pounds? Just inquiring, not judging one bit. But it seems I have something wrong, as 91 pounds would be suitable for a person 5 feet tall, not 5 feet 10 inches.
    Thanks in advance.

    @SherryRueter Totally too late to answer on my side, but I just saw it now. Goal is 91 kg :) 91 pounds I think my bones alone weigh more then that, haha :)
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    @whitej1234 That makes more sense!