Looking for committed and motivated like minded friends

I’m new to my fitness pal. I’m looking to connect with like minded others who are also into motivation and accountability on their health and fitness journeys. I’ve yo yo dieted off an on most of my life. I’m committed now to permanent changes in a healthy diet and exercise to attain my weight goals.


  • Sharsou
    Sharsou Posts: 8,668 Member
    Welcome aboard! Feel free to add me.. I’m looking for an accountability buddy as well, as I’ve not been making much progress in the recent past and loosing steam 😞..
  • Fascinationstreet10
    Fascinationstreet10 Posts: 23 Member
    I'll add you as would love active people to motivate eachother.
  • Hello I just started to work out today. Hope we can support each other by checking up on each other. :smile:
  • DonovanJM
    DonovanJM Posts: 15 Member
    I would love to be added as well. I'm about a month into my journey and would love motivation friends!
  • agDavis84
    agDavis84 Posts: 5 Member
    you all can add me, as well
  • erikabecht
    erikabecht Posts: 16 Member
    I’d love the accountability also, please feel free to add me!
  • thewhipple12955
    thewhipple12955 Posts: 73 Member
    You can add me as well
  • bhurley100
    bhurley100 Posts: 200 Member
    Everyone is welcome to add me if you want more motivation and support! I added those above me! Just by being on this app, you chose to keep aiming for your diet and fitness goals!

    Shanlet, we got this!
  • kerstenk141
    kerstenk141 Posts: 83 Member
    Feel free to add me. I'm on this app everyday, have an open diary and I do strength training 5x a week. I post regularly and definitely am happy to support others how I can. Cheers!
  • richardwilson46
    richardwilson46 Posts: 4 Member
    Feel free to add me I have an open diary