Diabetic here

Hi all, I'm new on here and looking to make some friends. I'm type 2 diabetic and looking for other diabetic friends... no you don't have to be diabetic so feel free to add me. We can motivate each other. We can do this weight loss thing together.


  • gravaged2668
    gravaged2668 Posts: 12 Member
    I am not a diabetic. I did have a slightly high A1C reading a few years ago that made me reevaluate some stuff. A coworker of mine was diagnosed a couple years ago and I've watched him find his way. You can do it.
  • meganngr
    meganngr Posts: 4 Member
    Thanks. It's definitely a long hard journey.
  • booboo1000
    booboo1000 Posts: 58 Member
    Type 2 here. I assume I am older than you and diabetic far longer. I have gotten down to my goal weight and could even be considered thin. This is absolutely doable!

    My A1c is in the normal range now at 4.9, but only with meds at breakfast and dinner, as well as by eating fewer but higher quality carbs.
  • mrssuffolk
    mrssuffolk Posts: 1 Member

    Type 2 here...not officially, but my A1C came back at 8% this morning. Have an appointment with a doctor next month, but I'm not waiting until then to make some changes. Change starts today, and I'd be happy to be your friend.

  • Suzeq66
    Suzeq66 Posts: 28 Member
    Type 2 diabetic here it's definitely very hard!
  • pmalcolm
    pmalcolm Posts: 23 Member
    Hi, just diagnosed with type 2 want to reduce my body weight by 10% I know it will be difficult but hey needs must. Any guidance will be happily received
  • michellelawson00
    michellelawson00 Posts: 18 Member
    Hi @meganngr I was just diagnosed in December (2021) and am looking for friends too. I'd love to support each other!
  • BiggyFuzz
    BiggyFuzz Posts: 511 Member
    Type 2, please add me as I’m trying this low carb diet to get my A1C out of diabetic range. IT’S HARD!!!