Advice please

I've been using a baked potato cutting it up putting it in the actifry... using fry light oil... then weigh once they are done and scan the barcode on the bag if the potato add to mfp.... I'd this correct or should I weigh before and scan.. obv this be harder as if have to cook mine and hubby's separate I don't want to get calories wrong. If I'm over on csls doing it this way that's OK don't want to be under calculating.... thanks


  • snowflake954
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    Problem--potatoes lose water when cooked. I'd suggest that you weigh all the potatoes before and after cooking. That way you can see how much weight they've lost. If it's not very much, I'd let it go, otherwise calculate for the difference.
  • chris89topher
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    Always weigh them raw before cooking.
  • cmriverside
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    Yeah, if you're buying whole potatoes look at the bag and use raw weights. What I do for batches like that is weigh the entire batch raw then weigh the entire batch cooked and do my calculations in percentages.