Losing body fat not weight

XoMissGeorgia Posts: 10 Member
Hi,I was wondering how you lose body fat but not weight?
Im already at a good weight for my height but I want to lose body fat so I can see more definition.Is there a way I can do this?


  • boilerdawg2009
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    To maintain weight you'll have to replace the fat with muscle.
  • cwolfman13
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    What you are talking about is "re-comp"...I'm kind of old and we just used to call it getting in shape back in the day. Basically eating right around maintenance with a good resistance training program (cardiovascular work is also helpful) and a fair amount of patience and time. And by that I mean, months and years, not days and weeks...it is a very slow process and really just a bi-product of regular and consistent time spent in the weight room and doing some cardio whereby you build muscle and lose fat slowly over time.

    I did this when I went to maintenance in 2013 as I just continued on with my healthy eating habits and regular exercise and weight training. I was 180 when I went to maintenance...when I look at pictures of myself from 2013 and say...2017, my physique is quite markedly different, but still 180ish lbs. Basically leaner and more defined with more muscle mass including a more definitive jaw line and facial features. After that point, nothing much more happened with re-comp but I was pretty happy with what had taken place over those 4-5 years or so.
  • sijomial
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    Here's a very informative thread regarding recomp (losing fat / gaining muscle) .....


  • yirara
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    To maintain weight you'll have to replace the fat with muscle.

    You can't replace fat with muscle as it's a completely different type of tissue. But yes, lose weight, build muscles.
  • Xellercin
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    I just wouldn't worry too much about your exact weight. Add some strength training, up your food intake appropriately and see what happens.

    If you gain too much, then cut back on the food a bit, if you lose too much, add a bit of food.
  • ecjim
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    As others have stated - it's called re comp - you are losing fat while gaining muscle - eat near maintenance - get plenty of protein - follow a sensible lifting program . Don't worry so much about your scale weight - you may loose fat but not loose much weight if you are lifting and gaining muscle