Care package: anxiety/panic attacks

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Hello friends!
A colleague of mine is having a really rough time right now. Her anxiety is on the rise and she experienced her first panic attack. She has had a few more panic attacks since her first. I know she's getting help medically but at the moment she is to the point where she can't leave the house. I want to send her a care package. She already knows I'm doing this because I had to explain this to her when asking for her address.
I bought her weighted blanket per my friend's suggestion (it helped her when she had one) but I'd like to include more things in a separate package. If anyone here has any suggestions as to what I can send to her that as either help them or people that they know, I know she's open to it. Please don't ask me what she is tried already because I have no idea.

Please know that anything that requires consumption she is going to speak to a medical professional about it before she ingests it. TIA!!


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    I invested in a Sensate which is a device when paired with a phone vibrates on your sternum and plays music at the same time… it seems to work.. an investment but my husband also likes the sound function
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    To me, the main thing would be to let her know you care about her, that she matters, and you are sending good thoughts to her. Include a nice card and a personal note of support and kindness.

    The other things in the package would be secondary. I would focus on comfort and cheerfulness -- perhaps a package of fragrant non-caffeinated tea (or something she doesn't consume that has a nice fragrance) and a soft pillow and matching soft throw.

    I experienced panic attacks for two weeks many decades ago during a time of high stress. They were terrifying, but fortunately went away and have never returned. Best wishes for your colleague.
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    Kava tea is helpful
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    Thank you everyone
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    You could try a online package if she has Internet. Try looking up meditation music for releasing positive energy, etc. Some links to some of those for her to listen to in times of distress may help and you could even try searching for pillow sprays if she likes lavender for instance. The pillow spray I use is called land of nod, relaxing and calming lavender.

    Home remedies are the best medicines of them all, so I would say possibly herbal teas too. As someone with high anxiety levels, I do believe these to be great.

    Also, fluoxetine or citalopram are ideal for reducing anxiety levels, so maybe your friend could ask her doctor for help?

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    I've had panic attacks and they really suck. What about including a worry stone or stress ball? Some affirmation cards? There are also card decks of yoga poses and meditation mantras.