How to pass plateaus

me2me2lc Posts: 1 Member
I lost 16 lbs, goal was 30. Couldn’t get past that plateau, using macros, tried refeed day, reset day, etc. What am I doing wrong? Then lost all hope and its all back again. How do I get past that yoyo plateau? Totally frustrated.


  • kjratliff55
    kjratliff55 Posts: 42 Member
    Drop daily Calorie goal by 100 and stick to it to get past the plateau (adding steps to your daily walk can help too). But the main thing is consistency.
  • wiley1st
    wiley1st Posts: 164 Member
    Great insights from all the posts above - stay consistent, realize you'll have a bumpy ride, and plateaus are expected. I've had a couple of plateaus myself. I made it through the first one by just sticking to the plan and broke through after 10 days or so. The plateau I'm in now is a bit more stubborn since I've gotten much closer to my goal weight and me slacking off a bit on calories & exercise. I'll stick to the plan for now, but I've been considering a zig-zag diet (google it). It's a bit more work to have different caloric intake per day, but it can trick the body away from stabilizing at a constant daily calorie goal.
  • IheartPGH
    IheartPGH Posts: 39 Member
    A good, old fashioned walking regimen of 1 hour a day has helped my fat loss immensely. And it has helped stop the plateaus altogether.
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