Anyone know why I can't get my Ticker to show up on my profile?

No response from MFP, and nothing I can find in help section on the issue?

Appreciate anyone's help with this. It's something that I feel gives me motivation, especially in losing those last, few pounds.

Thank you much :)


  • mgalsf12
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    I have the same issue, sorry I'm no help.
  • southkonahi
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    I've found an older thread, and it might lead to answers too. I just posted there about how to make the ticker appear on thread postings.
  • Lisa___Marie
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    edited March 2022
    Testing to see if "making it public" works.
  • beautyandababe
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    Go to settings --> privacy settings --> My ticker is viewable by:---> and change to "Everyone". Worked for me when nothing else did!
  • ninerbuff
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  • bemorestubborn
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    For anyone looking for answers on this issue - I had the same problem when I set the ticker to "viewable by me only," so I changed it to public and it appeared. If you'd like to try it, go to My Home - Settings - Privacy Settings - Tickers & Badges - My Ticker is Viewable by: "Everyone."