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Hey there, I’m Laura and I’m new to MFP. I’ve struggled with eating disorder issues for most of my life, but things have been mostly under control for a bit now and I feel like it’s time to bring myself back from the weight gain I’ve had as a result of recovery and medication treatment for mental health issues. I have fluctuated between 80lbs and 300lbs over the course of 20 years and I don’t have a very good idea of nutrition and calories anymore, so I’m working on learning. I’m somewhere in the middle of my extreme weights right now, ultimately I’d like to be in a healthier place physically and mentally, so I’m hoping that MFP is helpful for me.

Thanks for listening!


  • GemmaM_x
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    Hi Laura,

    Respectfully (and as someone who battled with a binge/purge disorder for 10 years) are you able to get some professional help to work on nutrition and calories in a safe environment?

    I have found that MFP places huge focus on being under your calories, and also gives the option for aggressive goals. I know how triggering these 2 things can be, and I urge you to seek a dietician who can help you work out your needs in a safe way.

    Otherwise, if it isn't an option, please use these boards to learn and please read up on BMR and TDEE to understand what your needs might be, and use these over the MFP auto calculated goals 😊

    Please take all I say with the kindness and love in which it is meant. I do not know your full history or mental state, so I am giving this advice with the worst case in mind ❤️