When your body doesn't want to gain weight...

Hello! This is my first post so I'm a noob.

My predicament is as follows:
I have a REALLY hard time gaining any weight. The most I ever weighed was 120lbs in high-school when I was in a more competitive gym class everyday (HIIT, weight training, and cardio), I was also eating breakfast, AT LEAST two quarter pound burgers for lunch everyday, and a big dinner.

Now that I am an adult not only does eating that much sound expensive but I also don't want to waste time/money on foods that won't help me gain muscle. I'm also worried I will never break past 120lbs. I am currently a 106lb twig and trying to keep up with my food intake. I just don't want to feel so weak anymore.

What foods would recommended for someone trying to bulk with a fast metabolism?

Will I ever be able to gain more than 120lbs without eating an expensive amount of food?

If it helps I am 5'5" with a petite frame. I want to gain a decent amount of muscle but genuinely don't know if that's physically possible for me without having to dedicate my entire life to it. Any advice?


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    As my post whinging about always having to eat is above yours on the forum, I’ll give you the advice I need to follow too! (Just to make it clear, if I’m not exercising I can easily gain fat but muscle is harder).

    To gain muscle you are going to need to train and undertake a progressive lifting programme, and eat more. Depending on how fit you are you can start with body weight stuff but ultimately you’re going to need to lift heavy weights (as in, what feels heavy to you). To eat more, you can try to eat more snacks throughout the day, or bulk your meals up with calories. There are some low-volume high cal foods like olive oil (yummy drizzled on salad or pasta), cheese (I am a HUGE cheese fan), nuts, seeds and even full fat yoghurts and milk. Ultimately to gain you will need to accurately record your food intake - don’t cheat by recording a full meal if you don’t finish it, for instance, then try to add on 150-200 cals per day extra. You can get bulking protein power which is higher in calories, but that can also be pretty filling.

    Genetics plays a part so you might always be slender: it took me a year to put on c1kg muscle but I’m also reasonably petite and I did it via recomp rather than a bulk and cut. But I did do it - to the degree that my thighs no longer fit my work clothes 🤣
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    There is good advice in Clairey's post - eat more - whole eggs & bacon - full fat milk - Have a peanut butter sandwich for a snack. avocado's nuts, meat and potatoes -Ice cream- you get the idea. It's a good idea to track your meals so you know where you are. It's a good idea to lift weights to gain some muscle instead of just fat. Don't do high volume. Look at Starting Strength, or Strong Lifts.
    She wrote about using a bulking protein powder - That's not the best choice - they have a lot of sugar. you can add a protein drink or 2 if you are lifting - Real food is the best