Tips on weight loss

andreadee83 Posts: 13 Member
Hello! Anyone here trying to lose 50+? Looking for fun activities to do now that Spring is here.


  • NewBird007
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    Hi. This is my first day here. I lost 63 pounds on my own, sort of by accident, but now that I’ve reached a standstill, MFP seems worth a try. For fun, my suggestions are probably very specific to me. For instance, I rescued a puppy and have enjoyed walking him through the neighborhood. I’m up to 3 miles per walk now. Also I love to garden. I think I’m losing calories while I’m lifting bags of soil, moving pots, and bending over to prune the plants for about 2 hours a day. But for focusing on fitness and weight loss I enjoy finding different places to walk. I’m not up to running yet! There is a small lake at the city park here, which I can circle at least once, and then people watch if I need to rest. There is a drive-in movie place here with a big parking lot. I have walked the perimeter back and forth with a friend. Any outdoor festival or fair is good for walking. I live in a big city so we have art fairs, vintage car meet ups, a giant antiques flea market and a Renaissance Faire. All of those depend on where you live I guess, and what your interests are. Good luck on your quest!
  • jopa17
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    I'm in the 50+ category and need to find some sustainable activties to do. Right now, my activities goals are as mundane as walking, pushups, stretching but I'm open to other ideas. Drop a line and/or feel free to add me for support and motivation!
  • BiggyFuzz
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    I am trying to lose 50+. Right now trying low carb and getting my workouts in, lost 10 lbs so far.