April accountability month for challenge & support



  • dawnbgethealthy
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    No, I haven't seen the new promos yet.
    Still saving up season 14 on my PVR, even the few that I have already watched I am not deleting yet.
    So far I really like Willow Pill and am pulling for her.

    If I watch Drag Race I have better sleeps, it takes me out of my stress and I think of the antics before drifting off.
    I am really due for a binge watch : - )
  • nikkit321
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    Height: 5'6" Age: 52
    April goal: 195
    UGW: 145

    3/31 - 198.4 planning a treadmill walk and logging food choices
    4/1 - 198.0 rest day, dinner out with my husband and not sure where we're going yet but plan is a hunk o'meat + veg.
    4/2 - 197.8 no exercise
    4/3 - 197.4 3.5 mile run/walk with my son, we managed to beat the rain. Lunch out (salmon, broccoli, salad); dinner was a big mac salad (lettuce, spinach, ketchup, mustard, ranch, hamburger patty & swiss)
    4/4 - 199.9 ??????????? chili soup for dinner (hamburger, 3 rinsed cans of different beans, vegetable juice, 2 can of tomatoes+chiles, cauliflower rice, and add avocado when serving). It's raining and 45 today, so I'll be putting a few miles on the treadmill instead of outside.
    4/5 - ??
    4/6 - ? ran/walked 3 miles w/ son, then walked dogs another mile
    4/7 - ? walked 2 miles w/ dogs
    4/8 - 199.9 I'm sure I've been making entries but perhaps I don't manage to actually post? Sorry I've been MIA again. Cold, rainy/slushy mix here in Indiana today, makes my ankle hurt (probably arthritis). Taking a rest day, will make smart food choices. Today is my 31 year anniversary with my employer...yikes that makes me feel really old!
    4/12 - 200.0 ran/walked 3.5 miles with my son, walked another 2 miles with the dogs.
    4/13 - 201.0 ? water retention from the exercise yesterday?
    4/14 - 199.4 planning to run/walk today and get the dogs out
    4/17 - 200.4 ran/walked 3.5 with my son, walked another mile with the dogs. Then had Easter dinner complete with ham (sodium) and a corn casserole (some gluten). Sigh.
    4/18 - 202.4 walking 45min on treadmill today
    4/19 - 201.2 yesterday I did walk, today I will walk/run with my son.
    4/20 - 201.6 (but I'm not trusting it as my scale apparently has a gremlin hanging out within...scale recommendations anyone??). Last night's run/walk turned into a walk halfway thru. I think I have a terrible case of shin splints. I thought shin splints were on the front of your lower leg, I have more pain on the sides than on the front. Going to stick with a slow walk the next few days and not run until next week. sigh. We were making good progress but apparently I forgot that 52+running-with-my-6'6"-son + not-running-on-anything-harder-than-a-treadmill-for-5'ish-years \= an easy time running. I have a hard time pacing him at practically a spring while he's barely trotting along. Geesh.

    So, I'm looking for:
    - scale recommendation
    - ideas on recovering from shin splints