Down 10lbs after many yrs of failure!

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After years of trying everything to loose weight after having 2 kids, I finally gave MFP a try. For reference I’m 5’3” 52 and now weight 151.4. 10 pounds down yay! GW 120.

When I was younger, I was always thin and had terrible eating habits which didn’t serve me well in adulthood.

A few months ago, I started walking an hr a day and lost zero lbs after a month. Found out I have a very slow metabolism and although harder, it’s not impossible to lose the pounds.

I always thought counting calories was slavery, but I was so wrong. It has freed me from ‘diet mind tyranny’ where I was always obsessed about the food I ate and wondering if it would make me gain more weight.

I love that nothing is off limits but making healthy choices really fuels my body. Although I stick to whole foods, I don’t ban any one food, and just eat in moderation. That in of itself it so freeing.

After yrs of crazy diets… I have tried all of them and I mean all of them… Atkins, South Beach, Jenny Craig, cabbage soup, green juice, Drs office + Rx, etc., I would always gain the weight back bc the diets weren’t sustainable. I would obsess over whatever I couldn’t have or fixate on stuff and be miserable then gain the weight back. Now, I’m so relaxed bc I just track and eat then stop when I’ve reached my calorie count. That’s it. No stress. Stress creates cortisol which prevents weight loss in abdomen area of all places. I’m an apple shape so that explains a lot. I know I have to choose good nutrient dense foods or suffer the consequences of hunger. This is how I used to eat when I was thin and 115 lbs. Everything in moderation, what a concept : )

I started seriously using this app (again) Feb 1, 2022 and used the nutritional knowledge I learned from previous 2 yrs on and off to tweak my eating. I kept tracking calories to find my deficit which is 1200 and which explains why I could never really consistently lose weight before. Also started IF which helped a lot. I use a Withings scale which is great esp on days I lose fat but weight stays the same. Shows water fluctuations, BMI, bone, etc. Previously, I only tracked weight which is not the whole story.

I’m finally free and know I will reach my goal weight slowly and healthy. After all these yrs of failure a few months to my target is nothing. Anyway, I just wanted to share my small weight loss but huge victory w/ the community.


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    Great news for you. What isIF and what scale are you talking about? Thanks
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    Congratulations. I had the last 20 lbs to lose and now that’s crept up to 30 and time to do something about it. Starting today. Thx for the inspo. Earlier last year I tried working with a nutritionist. Who is awesome but it didn’t help me lose weight. It’s time. I am very active but food tracking will help I think. I’ve also tried WW in the past. I’m hoping this will be better.
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    Congratulations! I have used MFP before and it worked AND I loved it but I just wasn't motivated enough to start again a few years later after I gained 50 something pounds! After some bad lab work showing my kidney filtration is dangerously low, my cholesterol is high, and my sugar is borderline diabetic...I found the motivation to get back on track. Last time I was this weight I was pregnant! I have fibromyalgia on top of all of that. I need energy, I need healthy kidneys, I need lower blood sugar and lower cholesterol....counting calories doesn't seem like that big of a deal suddenly when I think of the alternatives (heart attack,stroke, diabetic meds, kidney transplant....). I just started up again this week and I think I've been scared straight enough that this time it will stick. I can not wait to have lost 10 pounds also! Keep it up!
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    I also have fibromyalgia and many of the same concerns. I had hip replacement surgery August 2021, which should have been a fairly easy recovery. But the bone broke when they inserted the replacement and had to be wired to hold the replacement in place. 8 weeks non weight bearing and the need to eat food with pain meds, plus the fibromyalgia flare, and I gained weight. On top of already needing to lose 50 pounds. So starting back today. The other day I remembered something I read that is very scary, to me: when your blood sugar is high, it is like little shards of glass flowing through your veins, causing damage. That visual is a strong motivator for me. Starting back today with a goal to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks 😊
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    IF is intermittent fasting where you don’t eat for a period of time and only eat during your window. I’m doing daily time-restricted fasting where I eat normally but only within an 8 hr window. So I skip breakfast (drink black coffee w/ cream and stevia which doesn’t take me out of fasting mode) then I eat lunch around 1 and dinner by 8pm. I don’t always fast on weekends so I can enjoy the occasional brunch w/ family and social events with friends, but I still count calories. IF is suppose to reduce inflammation but you should talk to your DR before starting if you have any medical issues to make sure it’s safe for you. It has reduced brain fog and increased my energy.
    My scale is Withings Body+ Body Composition Wi-Fi Smart Scale. Today it showed I didn’t lose weight but lost .5% body fat which is really good to know : )
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    Just starting out (again) and the same age and height as you. Same bad eating habits (with a good metabolism that let me get away with it) when I was younger. I've tried so many diets but long term have always gained it back. I guess my problem is that I have always seen it as a diet versus a lifestyle change. I've looked into IF before, but never given it a try. I will have to check it out. I have issues with brain fog / chronic fatigue (as a symptom, not the syndrome) so I'm willing to try anything to help with that. Thanks for the inspiration!
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    Thank you for sharing. You give me hope as I am about your same size. Best wishes to you.
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    How old were you when you weighed 115 pounds?
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    congratulations! yes tracking your food works. I've been using this app since 2013 & tracking my food longer than that. Helped me to lose almost 90 lbs AND keep it off. You can do it!
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    Congratulations! ❤
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    Great news for you. What isIF and what scale are you talking about? Thanks

    I F is Intermittent Fasting.

    I've been doing it for 5 months now and I've lost about 20 pounds in addition to tracking my micro nutrients. I'm on a Low Carb/High Fat diet, and sometimes I'm Keto where you get your carbs 20 grams or below.