One month in & weight has stalled. Advice?

Hi, just looking for some advice since I’m starting to get a little anxious about the scale not moving.

I’m officially one month into my weight loss journey where I started out at 224 (only 5’3). During the first two weeks I lost a lot of weight (12lbs) but the last two weeks my weight has remained in the 212s. I have been eating at a calorie deficit and going for walks every other day, yet nothing is changing.

I’m mostly worried because since my weight is so high, I feel like it should be dropping faster, or at least at a more steady pace. The only thing I can think of was during the first week, I was having a lot of anxiety and struggling to eat so was probably way under my calories. Is my body just trying to readjust? Otherwise any other advice would be great! I also have my diary open if there’s anything in there that can be changed.



  • yirara
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    So basically the maximum weight loss MFP is giving you is 2lbs per week. You say you lost 12 in 2 weeks, thus 6 per week. And now you get impatient because this doesn't continue? So basically you're totally on track! Hey, it's normal to lose quite a bit at first, and then the body catches up. If you're logging, and preferably weighing your food truthfully and choosing correct database entries then the weight will come off. Thus patience!
  • ldaltonbishop
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    Your body may indeed be readjusting. It's quite normal (and encouraging!) for the first two weeks to have dramatic results as you improve your nutrition and increase exercise, then level off. I understand some of this first loss is often mostly water. That's okay. This is a journey, not a sprint, and a gradual loss is really the healthiest way to go. Keep it up.

    Just looking at the last ten days of your diary, I see:
    1) You frequently eat less than your recommended needs. Your body may be struggling to cling to every calorie, feeling a bit undernourished. Eat your calories. If you exercise, you should eat enough to replace (at least some) of the extra energy expended.
    2) You are really low on protein, and get most of it from fish, dairy, and eggs -- which is fine. But you probably need more. If you are pescatarian, you might try substituting beans for potatoes at supper, which also will add fiber and help you feel full. Or substitute nuts for other snacks. Greek yogurt or skyr both have a lot of protein bang for the calorie bucks and are filling. Just watch for added sugar. You can blend in unsweetened fruit like blueberries and pretend it's a milkshake. Okay, it's a smoothie.

    Mostly, be patient. Your body has to adjust to the lower calorie input, and that can take time. Also, you need to eat enough to sustain your own energy levels. If you are tired and starving all the time, you might lose weight but you will be miserable. And misery isn't a sustainable lifestyle. Find your balance. Good luck.
  • bobschmidt21
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    Water weight messed me up more than anything. If you’re eating at a calorie deficit then you’re probably still losing fat, but your body might be retaining more water. Water is fairly heavy. Stress can also cause your body to hold on to fat. Try to normalize your water intake-drink roughly the same amount per day and try to de-stress when you can. But if you’re eating at a calorie deficit you WILL lose weight. You can’t be the laws of thermodynamics. Stay the course. Weight loss is hard. It you can do it.
  • spookycatKP
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    I don’t think it’s uncommon to lose a big chunk of weight the first couple weeks, some of that is probably water. Just because you don’t see the scale move for a couple weeks doesn’t mean you’re not on the right track. If you keep up what your doing you’ll see progress. Even when you’re consistent the scale won’t always be.
  • fatty2begone
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    Also recommend taking some measurements. You should see some difference even if the scale is not reflecting this. (My experience. Few weeks no loss on the scale, but lost an inch off my waist. Next week the scale moved in the right direction). Be patient... It sounds like your doing everything right.