Hello, I is EMT

Hello, my name is Jerimiah; and, I got this app so that I can make minimum weight for the US Navy, I'm currently 103.6 but the minimum I'd like to be at is 119, with the likely goal being 109 (for the medical exemption). I've found gaining weight to be horrendous, and I'd happily take any tips anyone can think of.

I currently work at a Paid-Call Fire-Fighter Station where we all do very intensive workouts at least 2 days out of the week as part of the drills we do. So, accounting for that has been fun. Anyways, this is the best introduction that the two brain cells left in my cranium could muster; So, I'm sorry if it's not good.


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    Hi Jerimiah!

    I wouldn't worry too much about your intro... I haven't even posted one lol.

    You said you're going for weight gain to meet Navy requirements, which I get, but mentioned a lower weight for "medical exemption", which I didn't understand. You don't have to explain, but I'm curious!

    I've got a very different goal, and since I can't magically send you my own unwanted lbs, I'm not sure I can personally be very helpful.

    Unless you need someone to do your calorie math. I'm good at that, and always willing to help a first responder. :) (thank you)

    There is a section here specifically for gaining weight! I'm not clever enough to figure out how to get the link on the mobile app, but it's "Goal: Gaining Weight & Body Building".

    A general tip, though... whether your goal is losing or gaining, it's a lot easier if you understand what your calorie needs are, and how they affect you! It can help to sift out helpful tips from misinformation if you have a good idea how things work. :)

    Anyway, welcome to mfp! I hope you reach all your goals !!