The banana limit

Hey guys, I wanted to find out based on the knowledge of the individuals present on this forum to tell me what is the "healthy" limit for consuming bananas.
I really seem to love the fruit, and it does happen that i consume 6-7 bananas per day; even if my stomach rumbles for the rest of the day.
It is my number one item i get in the grocery store, so i'd really like to know how much i should be eating? in what form? with what? As well as what time?
What has been your experience with bananas, and how much is healthy to incorperate it in an athleatic diet?
Please let me know


  • Moijo2022
    Moijo2022 Posts: 35 Member
    I’m no expert but I do know that consuming too many bananas a day is dangerous as they’re high in potassium, if I remember right it was around 30 a day though you might wanna google that.
    They’re also going be of the highest in sugar and that gets higher the more ripe they are.

    They are a great instant energy boost too, I used to eat loads of them especially when my kids were little and running rings around me during the day, after keeping me up all night 🥴
  • lynn_glenmont
    lynn_glenmont Posts: 9,463 Member
    Depending on what your calorie limit is, 6-7 bananas a day could be using up a sizeable proportion of your calorie budget (for me, that would be more than a quarter of my daily calories), and might make it difficult to consume enough of other foods that have nutrients that bananas lack or are low in (fat, protein, iron, calcium, vitamin A).

    But if you're confident you're getting solid nutrition outside of the bananas, I wouldn't worry. Even six or seven bananas isn't going to get you to daily recommendations for potassium, much less dangerously over it. I suppose if you're on a very low sodium diet, it could be an issue to get that much potassium.