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New and Goal is to lose 100 pounds!

Hey everyone!! I am new to the MFP community and have set out to lose at least 100 pounds! My highest weight was 320 lbs, so I am looking to aim for between 180-220 lbs for my body type and frame, which is within my healthy weight range. I started my account here almost three weeks ago and having been doing really well with logging and being consistent.

I am taking it in 10 lb increments to keep it from being super overwhelming as far as not losing 'quick' enough and such. I am super excited to be here and make some new friends along our weight loss journeys!

I am a wife and mother to three amazing little boys and my husband is my best friend and biggest supporter! I work super early morning hours and we live in the south, so I am trying to get ideas of great strength workouts I can do at home in the afternoons after work.

Happy to be hear and thanks for reading!


  • queenbree13
    queenbree13 Posts: 89 Member
    Feel free to send me a request! My highest weight was 300lbs. I teeter between 255-260 right now. I want to get down to 185!
  • papercut2k
    papercut2k Posts: 83 Member
    Best of luck to everybody. I got at least 100 lbs to lose too. Started back up on MFP mid April with starting weight at 250lb. As of today, 5lbs down 95lb to go.

    I mainly workout at home since the only gym I can afford is Planet Fitness. I am not too keen about strength training machines.

    Right now, I exploring fitness apps like FitOn an JeFit.
  • bethconley1016
    bethconley1016 Posts: 16 Member
    Hey y’all! I need to loose 100 pounds myself. I am not stuck on a number at this moment. When I do that I tend to give up. This time I’m just trying to make small changes and live healthier. Sendin FR and hope we can all support one another.
  • WantHealthyHeart
    WantHealthyHeart Posts: 6 Member
    Hi 👋 everyone. My highest is 259. I’m not sure exactly how much I want/need to lose. I want to focus on small increments at a time.
  • cosmiccurves
    cosmiccurves Posts: 356 Member
    Thank you for all of the responses and support everyone! It's great to know there are other people who are on similar journeys with a similar amount of weight to lose. Saying 100 pounds feels so daunting which is why breaking it into smaller increments seems to help me mentally so I don't focus on how far away I am from my goal, instead I focus more on the process and each mini goal I successfully reach!
  • Joanneor
    Joanneor Posts: 7 Member
    edited May 2022
    Hi All,

    Atm I want to loose around 20 pounds, I have been on this app a number of times, it worked well for me when I was determined. I have a big event next year (my wedding) so I'm hoping that in the next year and half realistically if I could loose at min 20 pounds and ideally 40. Total Goal would be about 56pounds. But baby steps.

    Don't have many active friends on the app yet, so please add if you want 🙂