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Need some insight into your thoughts around this... I train 6x p week both cardio & strength training and eat 170gr of protein daily..
I went abroad for 1 week and went off track with macros, I still ate very well but have no idea the number of gr I was eating of protein. 7 day trip and walked 25K steps a day.
I'm now back home but very unwell, likely covid positive with and with a much lower appetite.
Will this effect my weight and training once recovered? I'm so anxious about loosing progress!


  • sijomial
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    Muscle is gained and lost slowly
    Strength is gained and lost slowly.
    CV fitness is gained and lost slowly.

    Fatigue and freshness can fluctuate quickly. That training break can help if you have been building fatigue.

    Your CNS and muscle fibre signalling can fluctuate at a moderate pace. Temporary reduction in strength after a short training break doesn't indicate actual muscle lost.

    No a week of "eating well" without tracking won't have any significant impact at all.

    You may well have a below par return to training after a break and illness and should probably dial back the intensity and build up to previous levels progressively.

    Impact on your weight can be measured so not sure what insight you are looking for there? But be aware that eating differently on holiday/vacation plus air travel can add a lot of water weight.

    Training breaks, illness (and injury) are part of life and your training life and you just have to manage the situation you find yourself in, anxiety doesn't actually help! Outside of serious injury nothing significant happens in a couple of weeks.
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    Thank you, this is really helpful!!!!

    The impact on weight I was referring to is mainly because I am not still consuming 170gr of protein daily due to the holiday and now Covid so it's likely much less calories & protein overall.
    It's depressing, dying to recover to get back to training and nutrition routine 🙏💪
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    You don't lose fitness gains overnight. It is also likely that 170 grams of protein per day is overkill. Since you will be coming back from an illness it might take you a few weeks to get back to where you were, particularly if it's COVID (it took me about a month). But in general, taking some time off for vacation or whatever can actually be beneficial for a deep recovery. I typically come back from a vacation and will set PRs because I'm fully, 100% rested and recovered.