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How do I resit all the sweet stuff


  • HaleCry
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    Try to distract yourself, the craving should pass. Or try healthy sweet stuff? Some fruit perhaps? Or if there’s something you want that is sweet, have it and track it😊
  • Lietchi
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    Depending on your personality, several options:
    - include sweets in moderation in your diet. Some people have more cravings when they totally try to exclude certain foods from their diet. You don't need to deprive yourself to lose weight. I have treat foods every day, I fit them into my calorie goal.
    - some people have difficulty with moderation (binging for example) - they might need to work on simply not having certain trigger foods available to them. You can't eat them if you don't have them in the house for example.
    - some people find eating more fruit leads them to have less cravings for sugary foods like sweets
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    As someone who is Still on the weight loss journey, losing weight at a slowish pace (around 4 pounds a month now), the cravings are much easier to moderate with your rate set at 1 pound a week vs 2 pounds a week.

    Sometimes I think the further reduction in calories affect your thoughts which affect your hunger which affect your Sweet Tooth. For me... having more calories available is working better. I am not perfect and some days the sweet tooth gets its fill. But there are more days of not having a struggle. I do try to have a treat a day. If a candy bar is calling... I have one and move on. Sometimes a 90 calorie fudge cycle will work. Sometimes a flavored cup of black coffee fits the bill. I cant say pure will power has ever worked, but mindfulness of looking at the amount of calories in a giant chocolate muffin (almost 700 calories) is not worth it for me.

    I do have some binge foods that will lead to not only the sweet tooth, but all types of foods being uncontrolled. Figure out what is a binge (if you have one) and find alternatives to those foods. It does help. Example bread is a binge. I use a low cal wrap in its place most of the time. Not perfect, but better. Cheese use to be a binge, but now I can eat it in moderation. Chips Oh those glorious chips... I dont buy the chips, because yes... I can not just eat one or 10 or 20. Next thing I know the whole bag is gone. Not in the house.. Not a problem. I usually dont crave the chips anymore.

    Sometimes it is mind over matter, but more often then not, it is trying to fit the treat(s) into your daily allowance. Remind your self why you are doing this in the first place. It helps.
  • guil0095
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    Don't bring the sweet stuff home. Once its in my house, I cannot stop thinking of it. OR, if it's in the house, think to yourself "how is this going to make me feel, after I eat it?"

    Like others have mentioned, if your tracking your food intake, and it fits in your calories for the day, a little sweet treat here and there is great so that you do not feel deprived.
  • jrmorris93
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    Clean out your fridge and pantry of all junk food