Comment here if you want more friends-2



  • Sugar__Kisses
    Sugar__Kisses Posts: 3 Member
    edited May 2022
    I want friends! Anyone may add me :)
  • Hollis300
    Hollis300 Posts: 59 Member
    Hello, everybody. Over 60, vegetarian here, looking for friends of any age and lifestyle. I love to exercise by walking in nature and want to lose weight so I can stay off meds and fit back in my favorite jeans.
  • Casohio
    Casohio Posts: 16 Member
  • Casohio
    Casohio Posts: 16 Member
    Always looking for peeps
  • Bcancersurvivor2022
    Bcancersurvivor2022 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi. Back here after 3 years.
  • Julief428
    Julief428 Posts: 3 Member
    Yes please!
  • Julief428
    Julief428 Posts: 3 Member
    Hollis300, I'm over 60 and need to lose 20. This is my first day here so I'm not Sure yet how to add friends. Will you please send me a request?
  • quarterhorses
    quarterhorses Posts: 240 Member
    I’d love some new active friends! I’m back at it after taking a few months off and now have more weight to get off! 😩
    You can count on me to like and comment on your status updates, but I prefer not to private message. Feel free to add me if that’s the support you want! ☺️
  • parkrunrunner
    parkrunrunner Posts: 5 Member
    Coming up to the big 40, or little, depends how you look at it! I'm physically active and active on here. I want to lose 2 stone and have started to do calorie counting. I'm looking for some friends to support and motivate each other!
  • peach160291
    peach160291 Posts: 3 Member
    I need some active friends. Just getting back to MFP and my status feed is a bit quiet.
  • Veraandriop
    Veraandriop Posts: 16 Member
    New here, after a long break from the app. Still trying to find my way around. Looking for friends, so we can motivate each other!
  • Mojo_Minx
    Mojo_Minx Posts: 24 Member
    Rebooting the friends list after a hiatus. Feel free to add me!
  • shockbishop
    shockbishop Posts: 38 Member
    add me
  • mghb0501
    mghb0501 Posts: 3 Member
    Add me if you'd like to. I can use more day to day motivation to keep up with my logs.

    "The affect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is."

    - Jim Carrey
  • JaysFan82
    JaysFan82 Posts: 842 Member
    That would be great. I'm kicking *kitten* and don't want to stop lol
  • Colton724
    Colton724 Posts: 2 Member
    Need friends, possibly an accountability buddy/buddies. I've lost over 110 lbs on the lowest app but my premium expired so I came back here. Please feel free to add me!
  • ldhrcb2008
    ldhrcb2008 Posts: 6 Member
    Yes please!
  • VioletLosing
    VioletLosing Posts: 4 Member
    Hello I'd like to have some friends on here. Just getting started :)
  • Benjag0_Cr0we
    Benjag0_Cr0we Posts: 8 Member
    Was hoping to find a thread just like this where I could add a few people just to get some support going. Would love to make some buds along the way.
  • amykathleen2005
    amykathleen2005 Posts: 78 Member