Daily intake calories + exercising calories


I’m 83 kg weight and 188 cm tall. I’m planing to start bulking to gain muscle, MyFitnessPal app showing me that I have to eat around 3000 calories per day in addition to my daily burned calories form exercising around 800 calories , so do I have to eat 3800 calories daily to gain muscles?


  • cwolfman13
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    What are you doing daily for exercise that you think you're burning 800 calories daily? That's at least a couple hours of fairly strenuous cardiovascular exercise everyday. There's also a difference between "bulking" and just gaining some muscle. Bulking is building muscle relatively quickly with a calorie surplus and a good hypertrophy/bodybuilding program. You can also put on muscle just eating around maintenance with a good lifting program...it just won't be slabs of muscle and is much slower.

    Bottom line, to "bulk up" you need a calorie surplus...and a lot is also going to depend on your programing. If your program sucks, you're not going to go anywhere. I know a handful of bodybuilders both recreational and competition...most of them do very little in the way of cardiovascular exercise due to the eating requirements...doing tons of cardio just makes bulking up that much more difficult.
  • shockbishop
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    It’s usually a pretty high number. Body builders used to(maybe still do) eat crazy calories and work out hard to “bulk up” building all the muscle they can. Later, they “cut” by dieting carefully and working out to shed the fat they gained with their high calorie diet but try and keep all that muscle the gained. It’s a careful calculated act but they are pros.