Here's my problem. I have a fitbit watch and the app, then I have an app on my phone called "Pacer" and then I also use Samsung Health to keep all my steps. Then I noticed that I should get another tracker that doesn't connect to anything and I did which is called "3d trisport". So now I have 4 things that keep track of how many steps I do in 1 day. Now comes the real problem: Every night when I look at them to see how many steps I've done, they all come out different. And to make matters worst, I hate riding anything because that even gives me more steps. So now I don't know if this would be right, and this is where I need your help. What I've done is added up all the steps from all 4 trackers, then get the average of all 4. Then I put that number into my my fitnesspal program to give me how many calories I've burn for the day. Would this be okay to do?


  • yirara
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    How big are the differences? Every app and device uses different algorithms with different sensitivities. None are perfect. Some work for you, some don't. Some are too sensitive for your way of movement, others might not notice it. So I suggest you just use one thing, possibly one in the middle of the range of steps, and stick with it.
  • DancingMoosie
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    Also, the 3d trisport doesn't log steps until you've done 10 in a row, so if you're doing small movements(like cooking for example) it might not log any. Fitbit should give you the best estimate for calories burned over the whole day. I don't know how you calculate calories burned on mfp just with steps.