Anyone else just starting and not losing much weight?

Hello, forgive my formatting. I'm on mobile.

I started my weight loss journey around the last week of April this year, and I'm not sure what my starting weight was because of a faulty scale in the house, I guessed it was 270. (I have since replaced it with a new, accurate scale) My BMI says I'm in class III obesity but I've barely lost ten pounds and seem to be yo-yo-ing between the same three pounds lately despite eating at a calorie deficit, cutting out sugary drinks, and exercising again.

I'm a little disappointed because I thought that weight was supposed to just melt off for the first few weeks and then stagnate, not trickle down and barely move.

I wonder if anyone else is in the same boat as me or what I can do to help push this along.


  • gpanda103
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    Exercising might be causing some water retention, I wouldn’t worry about it unless you are going several weeks with no progress
  • Lietchi
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    It really is a 'classic' situation we see here often: people frustrated because they aren't losing weight, because they have started a new exercise routine when they started their weight loss journey.
    Exercise often leads to water retention for muscle repair, masking fat loss on the scale.

    - patience
    - use other tools to judge progress: measuring yourself, progress pictures
  • Seasonal_One
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    When some people start with weight loss, instead of just focusing on food, they immediately start an exercise routine and drink a lot of water. Maybe just focus on food for a few weeks and then start the exercise routine, once you are certain about the calorie deficit.

    I think that you are doing great too.
  • PAV8888
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    Even if you're class iii, there is nothing barely about 10lbs a month.
    It is at MFP maximum.

    It still is very close to maximum even if you use an alternate rule of thumb and look at 1% of body weight per week. And the second rule of thumb is 0.5% to 1% with a preference long term and for most people towards the lower end of that.

    So your start is on the fast; not on the slow side. And perfectly fine!

    And you have no idea whether you've lost 10lbs or much more than that unfortunately. Because it is a different scale.

    You're doing good... keep going!
  • BeYourBestSelfDeb
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    Don’t give up your doing everything right. Too many times we measure our success by playing the numbers game with the scale. Do me a favor. Get the tape measure and measure neck, arms legs, chest, waist and hips. Make one day a weight in day a week and check your measurements. Reduction in inches equal pounds gone. It really does work. You will notice clothes looser, and can set your sights on a new outfit to reward yourself. I look forward to hearing an update. You Got This!!!!
  • sarabushby
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    Er… you’re smashing that rate of loss! 3lb a week IS that high speed initial loss.

    You didn’t gain weight at 5lb a week so don’t expect to lost it at that either… and for sure don’t expect to keep losing at 3lb a week. Be ready for those weeks where you lose NOTHING all week. Argh… sooo frustrating, you’ll question everything you’re doing. And then, low and behold, one week you’ll almost certainly GAIN weight. Yikes! Be ready for that one!

    Honestly this is a roller coaster with ups and downs, not a nice linear graph. The best thing you can do is accept that and be prepared and not let it throw you when it happens.

    Congratulations, you’re doing great and you’re going to feel sooooo much better for all your hard work.