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Weekly Total

This is primarily a feature for those in maintenance, but would work for those actively trying to lose also.

For those that don't necessarily stick to a specific amount of calories each day, on the "Food Diary" page, if there was a field that displayed the planned weekly calorie goal.

For instance, I eat 1200 calories/day. For the week, that is 8400 calories. Yesterday, I had 1100 calories, because this weekend is a birthday party and I plan to eat cake. Oops, today I had 1600 calories because of happy hour after work!

At a glance, what is my damage for the week? Do I need to cut back tomorrow?

At the start of the week, or if you use the same total of calories each day, it is easy to tell, but keeping a running total throughout the week in the "Note" section gets tedious, especially knowing the data is already available to be displayed. (It's the data fields and the coding that is required to display the data that is missing. Hint. Hint. :smile: )

The weekly calorie goal could be entered on the "Goals" page and displayed on the "Food Diary" page. For example:

Daily Totals
Daily Goal
Remaining Day
*Weekly Goal
*Remaining Week

This could be a "Premium" feature and incentive to try "Premium".
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  • Lietchi
    Lietchi Posts: 4,299 Member
    There is a weekly view in the app, just go to the diary and then tap on the little pie chart icon and select 'week view'.
  • HeyJudii
    HeyJudii Posts: 256 Member
    Thanks for your response but that doesn't address what I am asking for.