Mandatory 100 pounds lost celebratory post (pics)

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Got serious in November when I was told I'm in diabetic range on top of my other health issues.

Have resolved diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and put AFIB into remission since that time.

Training focus is now on cardio, I have run distances of up to 10K and recently resumed powerlifting (this time without the AFIB)



  • hilaryhughey33
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    this is so wonderful!! love to see this! congrats
  • cwolfman13
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  • AmyDahlTorres
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    Congratulations! It's an impressive achievement! Did you lose 100 pounds since NOVEMBER??
  • IAmTheGlue
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    Fantastic job!! Absolutely amazing. I’m so glad your health issues have resolved! 💪
  • AnninTX
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    Congratulations. Any hints for someone starting over to lose 150lbs more?
  • BigBurlingtonBear
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    Congratulations! It's an impressive achievement! Did you lose 100 pounds since NOVEMBER??

    I got serious in November prior to that I losted and regained the same 10 lbs over and over LOL
  • TravisJHunt
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    Awesome! Congrats!
  • ChefMader
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    This is so motivational for me! thank you for sharing.
  • Mail4mand
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    This makes sense to me. If I track calories to stay under goal i struggle because I feel restricted i think. Whenever I've just measured then added up at the end of the day I'm often well under goal and always surprised. I like your post thank you am going to try the measure only method
  • Draculza
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    Wow, looking great. Excellent work. Well done on your weight loss!
  • jst1986
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    Awesome job!
  • Danimeow
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    This is really inspiring. Great job!
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    Wow! Wow! And Wow!
    Body, face, and health!
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    Thank you for sharing. It’s so nice to read a success story. Congratulations
  • jollymack
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    What a great change in your health! Congrats