What to do after 30 day shred?

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I've struggled with weight a long time. Years ago I had a very good moment where I lost about 20 Kg eating well and exercising. One thing I did then was follow the 30 day shred videos.
I'm now trying to watch what I eat and have just finished the 30 day shred videos again (although it took me longer than 30 days because every time I skipped days I restarted the week). I've lost about 4Kg, but I feel a bit stuck and I am looking for a new set of videos to do.

Any suggestions? I'm seriously overweight and not particularly fit, so I'm looking for something of the same level of difficulty than 30 day shred, which I could do following "Maria" 😂. You know, something like daily 20-30 minute "doable" exercise videos....


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    30 day shred videos are just there for clicks. The most challenging thing you can do is to implement life long healthy habits
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    Apologies for being blunt, but that is just plain unhelpful and condescending.

    I am trying to change my habits. Part of that is exercising regularly. I'm asking a very specific question to find exercise videos similar to the one that I have now finished and liked. Not sure what's wrong with that.
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    Not saying the comment was helpful, but perhaps it was triggered by the 'feeling stuck' comment (finding new videos is unlikely to change that).

    Unfortunately I don't use exercise videos, so I can't really recommend anything. The only thing I can recommend (from hearing about them repeatedly) are Leslie Sansone's walking at home videos. But not a clue if that's something that could interest you.
    Hopefully other people can give more video suggestions.
    Aside from that, I would suggest broadening your scope for exercise beyond videos? Could be anything really: walking, hiking, running, rebounding, cycling, tennis,... Anything you like to do, basically. (slightly subjective suggestion, because I dislike exercise videos and can't imagine anyone doing them 'for life' 😁)
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    I would just take a small calorie deficit, aim for a loss of 1 pound a week, depending on how much you need/want to lose. Then think about the kind of exercise you enjoy and can sustain long term. Try different activities out if you aren’t sure. These 30 day challenges are not great for long term life style changes. I guess for some people they are motivating a short term, but you can’t just keep doing them forever.
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    In terms of videos I quite like joe wicks. He has tons of different stuff from beginners to advanced. Look on his you tube channel
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    Thanks everyone. I am keeping track of what I eat and managing a healthy calorie deficit.

    I quite like videos actually 😂 But want to change the one I've been using just to keep it interesting.

    More exercise than that is a bit complicated right now due to a mix of work and family matters. But I've just lost 3-4Kg in about a month, but am bored of the video. By stuck I meant no loss the last two weeks.

    Thanks for the suggestions!
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    Start reading through this thread. Try the videos and subscribe to the ones you like.
    There is a whole mix of routines from easy to difficult, 10min to 90min with some doing a 30 day progression.

    I’m not a workout at home person but during lockdown I found this thread extremely motivating.

    Sometimes I would do a long routine, others I would link a few 10min ones together.

    Give it a try and see what you think.
    Oh there were also routines that I wasn’t quite fit enough for so I saved them on YouTube as ‘later’ and tackled them when I was ready.


    Cheers, h.
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    Some of my favorite YouTube channels...check them out and let me know what you think. I also did 30 day shred when beginning my journey. I followed that with ripped in 30 and some Denise Austin and The Firm videos. Now with YouTube so readily available, I use it daily.
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    If you found they worked for you maybe try one of Jillian Michaels other programmes? She’s had quite a few out there, I enjoyed alternating her no more trouble zones with a cardio video for a while but I think they were around an hour each
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    Fitness blender is great