How many calories per day have you set the app too?

How many calories per day have you set the app too? Is 1700 too high?


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    1521 for now as I am cutting... usually 1800 for maintenance
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    How many calories per day have you set the app too? Is 1700 too high?

    I'm saying this with the best of intentions.... the fact that you are asking that question means you don't understand enough about calories to set your own calorie limits. If you put in your current weight, activity level, and goal (weight loss, maintenence?), then MFP will tell you how many calories to eat. Go with that then educate yourself on basal metablic rate, total daily energy expenditure, track how your body is responding to the amount of calories you are eating over time and then come back and consider setting your own calorie goal.
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    I found my calorie number by doing what sollyn2312 said.

    I set my "Goals"according to Myfitnesspal's suggestion of, "Lose 1 pound per week." I was as honest as I could be with my daily regular Activity Level (as outlined when you set up your goals.) When I got any purposeful exercise I added 200-400 more calories by using the "Exercise" tab, and I ate more to fuel that exercise.

    I used those numbers for a while until I was able to see how my results were as compared to my goal. Then I adjusted.
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    Body size, activity level, and age matter. You mention none of those.

    If I stick to 1850 + exercise calories (usually something in the range of 200-500 daily), I will slowly lose weight (less than half a pound a week). But - since I'm trying to maintain weight now, mostly - I indulge a little now and then, and average more like 2000-2100 plus exercise calories.

    That has zero relevance to you. It has zero relevance to you even if you, like me, are F, 66 y/o, upper 120s pounds, 5'5", sedentary in daily life (before exercise). Other people's experience has no relevance to you. It's not you.

    I know me. Learn you. Start with population average values from MFP or another calorie calculator. Follow that for 4-6 weeks, then adjust based on results. Don't try to lose faster than 0.5-1% of current weight per week, with a bias toward the lower end of that if you're not severely obese. Compare body weight at the same relative point in two or more menstrual cycles, if you're a woman of the relevant stage.
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    2450 6x, and 3500 on 7th day (38M 5'4'' 126lb, my bf hovers 9-10%)
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    Since you ask if 1700 is too high (and don't mention too low), I'm wondering if you've not been influenced by diet culture, thinking that you need to cut calories really low to lose weight.
    Did MFP give you this number, but it seems high to you?

    1700 could be a perfectly reasonable number, or it could be too low (losing too fast is not good) or to high. It all depends on your stats, activity level,... For me, 1700 calories was perfect, at first as I was sedentary but obese (5ft5, 208lbs) and later as I was more active but lighter. I even ate more than that on a regular basis.
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    I googled a TDEE calculator, filled it out as best as I could, and then went based off of that number. (subtracting 200-300 to lose weight slowly). I do not track exercise calories. couldn't tell you if 1700 is too high since I don't know anything about you. I have mine set to 1800.
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    How many calories per day have you set the app too? Is 1700 too high?

    Calorie requirements are individual and based on your stats, activity level, and desired rate of loss. For myself, 1700 would be quite low. This calculator will calculate a calorie target for whatever your weight management goals are...why net let the calculator calculate?