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Well I was here back in 2012/2013 and my fitness pal helped me lose 70lbs in 7 months.... I'm back again... I have gained close back to my starting weight which was 240.0 I'm down to 221.0 and so uncomfortable. I haven't been going to the gym much at all. Usually I get motivated for about a week to keep losing weight and then I get off it. It's really a back and forth kind of thing. My motivation goes way down when the scale doesn't move or when I can tell that I gained weight back. I'm currently not working. So I'm usually just walking a few miles and trying to count calories but it's really hard for me. Does anyone have any ideas? Or something that worked for you? I need help to stay on track and stay motivated.


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    Welcome back! I'm sure MyFitnessPal looks a bit different this time around. There are some great threads that might have some good suggestions pinned in the Getting Started category. Here are some of the Must Reads

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    Wow, we are so alike ! I joined this app, 10 years ago and lost 85lbs, in time for my 50th birthday - but as you know, things happen, slowly, over the years and the weight comes back, mainly for me snapping my ACL, in my leg and knee, and was laid up for months, but I am back into it now, I have logged on for 19 days and lost a few pounds, I would love to be your friend and we can help one another, get back into our skinnier clothes ! I would like to lose another 56 lbs x