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My sister who was a weight watchers leader said that people who struggle to lose weight are usually on medications that cause weight gain or have addictive personalities and chase instant gratification so won't say no to something they want. She said that most people are four chocolate biscuits a day away from a bikini body (as in they are only overeating by a small amount, but it makes a big difference). She also said that most people stop tracking their food intake because they want to cheat and they can't face up to what damage they are doing to their daily intake so they won't even look. They stop tracking so they can pretend the calories/points don't count.

Something I've noticed, is that they say only 5% of people who reach their goal weight will keep the weight off. But how many people reach their goal weight in the first place? I've tried to lose weight hundreds of times, and mostly have only lost 3kg at a time. I got about half way on my first real attempt, but mostly it's failure after failure. It would be interesting to get numbers of how many people are successful at keeping weight off from all diet attempts, not just people who made it all the way.

Sorry if this post is a bit all over the place to read. Hopefully you understand what I'm saying. Sorry again, this was supposed to be posted under debates.


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    If most people who are on WW and can't stick to a weightloss plan are on medications or have addictive personalities, does that mean that they can't lose weight, or they just need to learn new strategies?
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    What do I think about what your WW leader sisters view? Speaking strictly from my own experience with obesity … it sounds true to form. How do I feel after reading what your sister thinks? Like I (and everyone else struggling with overweight issues) have been “told off”.
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    Observationally, I'd say struggling to lose weight is more of a discipline thing...It is difficult to remain disciplined for months and months and even years in some cases. For maintenance I think it's lifestyle...I believe the low % of long term maintenance is due in large part to diet and exercise being a temporary weight loss effort rather than a good diet and regular exercise just being a part of who you are and what you do. People lose weight and then tend to revert back to old habits and drop healthy habits like regular exercise.

    I maintained my weight loss for over 7 years until COVID hit and I gained 20 Lbs over the course of 2020 and 2021. In 2022 I decided I wanted to drop that weight, but I haven't been disciplined about it. I'll drop 5 Lbs and then put it back on...drop it and put it back on, etc. I know exactly what I need to do, I just haven't had the discipline to do it over an extended period of time. I yes, for myself cutting out a couple of snacks and evening beers would pretty much do the trick...I just haven't stayed consistent and disciplined with that over what I know from experience will be several months.
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    >Something I've noticed, is that they say only 5% of people who reach their goal weight will keep the weight off. But how many people reach their goal weight in the first place?

    Back when weight loss blogs were a big thing and I had a lot of time I kept data on a large number of blogs, and about 15% of weight loss bloggers actually reached goal weight.
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    If losing weight was as easy as it is to put it on (for so many people, but not all), then most of us would be slender. ...
    ... I feel that once you are in a pattern of excess weight that it will be a struggle for the rest of your life to keep it in check; and if you don't keep it in check all the time you will gain some/loses some/gain some more ... over and over again.
    ... Back when I had a husband, we ended up like a fairy tale couple .. you know Jack Sprat and his round wife? He could eat no fat and she could eat no lean. ... and the thing is ... he naturally kept track of his food all the time and also had a high-energy job while I had a sluggish metabolism and didn't keep my portions smaller than his when I plated the food. When we ate cheese and crackers with a glass of wine, he stopped at 2 or 3 and 1 glass, I would continue on until the tray was empty! .. Stuff like that... no wonder I grew to obesity. And it's been a struggle to get it off and keep it off.