Looking for Friends



  • LeslieAWagner
    LeslieAWagner Posts: 40 Member
    Welcome! I’m day 1 back and serious at becoming the best version of me this time! Add me and I’ll friend back for sure!! (That goes for anyone in need of a good friend!)
  • kellibee2000
    kellibee2000 Posts: 86 Member
    Hello! I'm also hopping back into mfp & would love accountability buddies. I have over 100+ lbs to lose & have been in & out of MFP for years. I'd really like this time to be different. Feel free to add!
  • sherryashe
    sherryashe Posts: 2 Member
    I'd love to have you as a friend, but I don't know how to add a friend. I'll try to make my profile public so you can add me. Feel free to give me directions for adding you, too. :-)
  • h3artgreen6478
    h3artgreen6478 Posts: 5 Member
    I’m happy to be friends here. I definitely need mutual support also. I’m finding this app very helpful - I need to lose 30 pounds to be at a healthy happy weight. Moving to the USA last year, plus before that lockdown and varying reasons/stresses saw me slowly steadily gain weight.
  • Jevans63116
    Jevans63116 Posts: 22 Member
    Teamwork makes the dream work! Feel free to add me.
  • cibuaka
    cibuaka Posts: 1 Member
    Hi feel free to add me
  • BigFatTron
    BigFatTron Posts: 5 Member
    Anyone who wants accountability buddies feel free to add me. I would like some too. It always helps with motivation. I have about 4 stone to lose, possibly more. Just diagnosed type 2 diabetic and possibly another nastier illness too. I'm doing low carb intermitten fasting. I've been doing this just over 4 weeks now and feel better already.
  • Lynxes602
    Lynxes602 Posts: 22 Member
    Hi all! just looking for like minded ppl to stay active and share some things we may have in common. Feel free to ad! Have a good day!
  • ecjim
    ecjim Posts: 1,001 Member
    Do you have a plan for your diet & exercise ?
  • pomeapple
    pomeapple Posts: 7 Member
    Hello and welcome back. I'm also looking for friends, so please feel free to add me 🙂
  • Chibilove
    Chibilove Posts: 28 Member
    Hey, im crystal, also returning after....years? Yikes. Also trying to back to keto. Anyone can add me, my news feed is dry. All I see are diary completed. No actual interaction. I'm all in this time, hope it sticks. How are you guys
  • sunshinellc
    sunshinellc Posts: 2 Member
    Good morning all! I am also looking for friends to keep me accountable. Please feel free to add me. Thank you and have a great day!
  • mojoslostlove
    mojoslostlove Posts: 1 Member
    Feel free to add me. The more motivation the better!
  • Stasi14
    Stasi14 Posts: 21 Member
    I love to became friends. Fell free to answer my friend request.
  • Zampoki
    Zampoki Posts: 7 Member
    Hello! I have 30lbs to lose. Returning to MFP. Been going up and down with the weight gain and slowly gained again. I need accountability and community of people who are on the same track to keep me going. Will be requesting to be friends here /"