Has anyone on here tried semaglutide injections? If so please tell me your experience. I'm weighing the pros and cons.


  • nwatsonpa
    nwatsonpa Posts: 1 Member
    Yes, I prescribe it and use it. Great results.
  • SpinforCals
    SpinforCals Posts: 110 Member
    What does it do?
  • corinasue1143
    corinasue1143 Posts: 7,467 Member
  • SomaVita
    SomaVita Posts: 1 Member
    Yes, I prescribe it and have used it. I have lost 60 lbs using semaglutide.
  • doreendavis3
    doreendavis3 Posts: 2 Member
    For those that have prescribed have you seen rebound weight gain upon discontinuance? Read that this week and was curious.
  • onawhymm
    onawhymm Posts: 469 Member
    Have lost 40 lbs and zero side effects.
  • loriflask
    loriflask Posts: 13 Member
    I just started it 8 days ago. So far no side effects. Lost 6.2 pounds in the first five days or so, but then ended up gaining by one week weigh in. Changing dose.
  • CurvyEmmy
    CurvyEmmy Posts: 225 Member
    I’m really scared of needles but I wanna try this so bad!! I have tried everything to lose weight and nothing has worked for me :( Im scared because I’m getting closer to 300 pounds and I’m prediabetic. I don’t wanna do anything drastic but I need to try something different because I really don’t wanna go over 300, just thinking about it makes me feel so ashamed.
  • GROMstrong
    GROMstrong Posts: 59 Member
    1st week taking Wegovy.