Do you track your food?

Do you track your food? 31 votes

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  • glassyo
    glassyo Posts: 6,668 Member
    Well, that was easy to answer. :)
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,076 Member
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    Not anymore, but I did for several months in late 2012 through spring of 2013. It was a good learning experience and taught me to be much more mindful of my eating in regards to overall nutrition, appropriate portions, etc.

    This is for all intents and purposes primarily a calorie counting I'd wager the answer will be overwhelmingly yes.
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 25,700 Member
    I did every single day during weight loss and the first months of maintenance, being as accurate as I could manage (food scale when at home, and all that), even if I had to estimate sometimes (like meals at friends' homes or something).

    Now I do skip the occasional day (in year 7 of logging, 6+ at a healthy weight), when things get busy or I eat something super-hard to estimate. Maybe I should've answered "sometimes", because of that, but I feel like "yes" is more the right philosophy, especially when starting out on MFP.
  • westrich20940
    westrich20940 Posts: 571 Member
    I did during the time I was intentionally losing weight. I did for another few months in maintenance to feel confident with that and my own hunger cues and now I rarely log any food. If I do it would be for interest or wanting to have some idea of what I eat in a day as I have this abstract idea of how many calories I eat but actually have no clue. What I know is that I feel really good about trusting my body and it's cues now and my weight has stayed consistent.
  • yirara
    yirara Posts: 7,496 Member
    Well, this is a food tracking website, thus the answer in most people will likely be YES
    I currently only track my dinners because I feel that I'm stable enough to do so. I basically eat pretty much the same every day until dinner: Breakfast with a variety of fruit of which I know the right amount to use, and 4 slices of bread with various things to put on. For dinner I track because I cook fresh every 2 days or so, and mostly cook something new I have no idea how calorie dense it will be.
  • not_my_first_rodeo
    not_my_first_rodeo Posts: 311 Member
    If I don’t track my food, I wildly underestimate my calories and I gain weight. That is why I am here. Yet again, I am here.
  • HoneyBadger302
    HoneyBadger302 Posts: 1,777 Member
    I've gone in spurts, but every time I stop tracking (at least most of the time) I slowly end up with portion creep issues...right now, definitely tracking.
  • mfp_sucks
    mfp_sucks Posts: 52 Member
    I ignore the calories, as I am not trying to lose weight. I'm currently using MFP to track my Sugar and Cholesterol intake for three months.
  • VegjoyP
    VegjoyP Posts: 2,208 Member
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    Yes. Daily. It keeps me accountable, aware, confident and I like to count religiously. It allows me to both add things and modify without compramising. Ialso like to keep an eye on trends, habits and macros as well as nutrient balance.