Looking forward to some community support! Midlife and menopause are showing me that I should’ve built healthy habits along time ago. Never too late to start though so I’m hoping to develop better eating and an exercise routine and hopeful that the side effect will result in a lower number on the scale.


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    Hi, @educationforward2016, and welcome to the MFP Community!

    I have a similar life arc to yours: I didn't develop good exercise and calorie-intake habits until post-menopause (which came early for me, mid-40s, due to chemotherapy). I started being active after cancer treatment in my mid-40s, but stayed fat (class 1 obese) despite that. At 59-60, I finally made the commitment to manage my weight, for health reasons. Now 66, I'm still active, still at a healthy weight.

    I wish I'd done both of those things decades earlier, now that I know viscerally how much quality of life improvement each one of those can create, and how much easier and more manageable it was to make those changes (gradually) than I'd imagined.

    You're right, it's never too late: I'm cheering for you, betting you can succeed. Best wishes!