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    So they finally realized that premium was a waste of money. What do they do take away the best part and now want to charge you for it.

    Screw you
  • sijomial
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    Feedback for you.....

    Strava did something similar with their features and pricing.

    But there are big differences!
    Strava's software works well, on all three platforms. It's reliable. They are repeatedly adding value with new features and those new features work properly and are aimed at a global audience. Their integration with third parties works. They also don't bug the hell out of free version users trying to get them to subscribe several times a day.

    None of the above applies to MyFitnessPal and I believe you are making a huge mistake. The many serious and long term issues here are only tolerable because it's free.

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    I find this so ridiculous. There are so many other apps with the same feature for free or cheaper than MPF is offering this once free feature. I will be leaving if they actually do this. They’ve messed up so much of the app already, I basically only track weight with it at this point.
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    I'm sorry the thing they offer to you for free doesn't meet your standards/expectations. Perhaps there's a paid option somewhere.

    Oh, what's that.. you don't want to have to pay either? lol
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    ccrdragon wrote: »
    I'm Evin. Been on MFP since 2014. I'm leaving because they keep taking features away and making them only for paying customers. I'm on food stamps, am disabled, and have an eating disorder. Not new, not interested in paying for something I used religiously for years, and now that it's changing for profit, goodbye.

    And yet the ID you are posting this from was created this afternoon... just want to rage quit w/o losing everything you have to this point?



    It's almost as if a poster's ID tag isn't assigned when they sign up for MFP but is instead assigned when they post in the forums because it's used to track posts and this is the first time since 2014 that I've posted. Lol

    Also if you want to delete MFP, you can just export the data you've input for free.

    Edit, nevermind it's not free anymore. Lame. I already screenshot everything but it's just one more thing they out behind a paywall.

    Anyway, I'm switching to the app LoseIt. Have fun.