Longest time Logging in?

yogavegan Posts: 116 Member
Just curious to know who has the highest # of days logged in to MFP.
Post your #s here?


  • Fairysoul
    Fairysoul Posts: 1,361 Member
    I think my last one said 130 days..
  • crodrigu73
    crodrigu73 Posts: 134 Member
    90 today! The longest I have ever stuck with a diet/life style change.
  • PonyTailedLoser
    PonyTailedLoser Posts: 315 Member
    335 so far. I have a 480 on my friends list though.
  • Brunhilde_69
    Brunhilde_69 Posts: 11 Member
    989 days heading for the 1000. got to 800 before that then missed a day in hospital.
  • willboywonder
    willboywonder Posts: 130 Member
    Today makes 1373. I'm still at it. I've seen a few people around the site with more than me.
  • brenn24179
    brenn24179 Posts: 2,144 Member
    10 years in February. Lost 40 lbs and kept it off. Well 1 hiccup 4 years ago and gained 25 back but lost it again by tracking.
  • JoshIsRunning
    JoshIsRunning Posts: 22 Member
    Under my old account I had over a year. Today, I am sitting at 19 days lol.
  • GinLee61
    GinLee61 Posts: 1,184 Member
    I joined back in 2012 and tracked off and on but never really stuck with it regularly until this year.
    I started logging again on January 3rd and have 239 days so far.
  • renaedar
    renaedar Posts: 618 Member
    As for me today I am at 532 which is a record for me. I have been a member since 2011 but really started this time checking in on my diary each day to keep accountable.
    I have friends on my site that are at 2200 plus days and some over 1000. So I am a light weight on logging in compared to them.
  • Qbaimee
    Qbaimee Posts: 157 Member
    1674 for me as of today. been here since 2011 though
    ALIMAOB Posts: 3 Member
    I am on day 5 woo hoo
  • azalea4175
    azalea4175 Posts: 290 Member
    575 for me!
  • deckerp
    deckerp Posts: 4,365 Member
    4504. The day we returned from Disney World Resorts where they didn't have free wifi.
  • A_New_Creation
    A_New_Creation Posts: 165 Member
    I'm at 2630!
  • sunrise611
    sunrise611 Posts: 1,848 Member
    edited August 2022
    deckerp wrote: »
    4504. The day we returned from Disney World Resorts where they didn't have free wifi.

    One of my friends on here has logged in 4623 days, the highest that I've seen. Your streak is the next highest that I've seen. Did you lose your streak due to your Disney trip?
  • Littlepeeper
    Littlepeeper Posts: 56 Member
    I think today is 726 days for me but like a few above I broke a streak because lack of internet. The streak I broke was only around 98 days but they were still days that I was actually living a new way so in my personal count I include them. I have been a member since around 2012 and I do believe I have seen a few time that you can contact myfitnesspal if you lose your streak to something and you want it revived that they will do that for you. I would love to have more active friends if anyone would like to send a request.
  • mjglantz
    mjglantz Posts: 486 Member
    Today is 3,141 days
  • Ketch_22
    Ketch_22 Posts: 12,701 Member
    Today is day 1,308 I joined Jan 2019
  • benczean
    benczean Posts: 97 Member
    I'm at 1345 days today!
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