I'm over 40

Anyone else over 40 and find it so hard to keep your weight down??? I feel like I'm gaining even when I just drink water! Can anyone offer tips to help speed up my metabolism??


  • wearefab
    wearefab Posts: 69 Member
    I'm not sure that I find it harder. But I am less hard on myself. Which means I can't be bothered to give myself a hard time for over weight management mistakes. It also means less discipline because I'm not prepared to be my own harsh critic. Motivations have changed.
    If I was this weight five years ago, I would have been , and was, very anxious about it. I would have restricted, thought about it non stop, and felt myself a failure or ugly
    These days I have better things to put evergy into.
    Saying that, I do miss the mental discipline and achievement that brings. So I'm going to give it a go again. This time from a place of love rather than 'not good enough '.
    We definitely need to maintain muscle mass as we age but I don't have a problem with that, it's more the food habits.