What are your must eat every day foods?



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    Green tea every day for sure. Two eggs, spinach, black beans and blueberries 95% of the time. Especially spinach and blueberries, I don't like to miss those. If I don't think I'm going to get them in one of my meals I'll put them in the blender with some almond milk to drink in the morning.
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    My very first meal of the day is, almost without exception, 125 ml tomato puree + 125 g of a frozen vegetable mix + 2 tbsp of psyllium husks + 1 tbsp of a self-made spice mix and one can of sardines. That gives me a total of 263 kcal not including the spices (according to package information, anyway). It takes about 120 s to put together, followed by 10 m in the microwave. It is my favourite meal of the day.
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    Djinn22 wrote: »
    Yum, I love easy food....mashed banana and rolled oats are one of mine, also delicious baked, or microwaved.
    I'm going hard out on rice, peanut butter, and a vege oxo cube, at the moment, seems to stop me from snacking, and is inexpensive, and tasty.

    Is this all together? I'm pretty intrigued by that........I think I need more info.

    Hi... Just bananas and rolled oats together for one recipe (no other ingredients), and the other one, I mix the oxo cube and peanut butter with boiling water before mixing with the cooked rice.

    Hey - today I tried a small ripe banana mashed then stirred in 1/2 cup rolled oats - it seemed a bit dry so I decided to add 2 tablespoons water too, and I sprinkled with cinnamon (as I love cinnamon, but debated peanut butter) then microwaved for 2 minutes. It came out pretty good! Ate it with 1/2 cup milk poured on top. Very easy & quite tasty.
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    Same breakfast everyday after my run

    English Muffin with I can't believe it's not butter. Whey protein shake mixed with Almond Milk and a large coffee 3 creamer no sugar.
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    Always coffee in the morning.
    Usually oatmeal for breakfast.
    Usually Greek yogurt for afternoon snack.
    Usually salad for dinner (toppings vary).
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    Supplements for sure - collagen/vitamins (D/C/Magnesium)/omega 3's/psyllium husks

    As many fermented foods that I have - usually Kimchi/sauerkraut/raw apple cider vinegar/yogurt
    tempeh a few times/week...

    Everyday are leafy green veggies/cabbage(red)/garlic/onions/tumeric/sea vegetables/chia/flax/seeds
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    I would go insane if I ate the same thing everyday. I'm a big foodie and am able to lose weight because I have a variety of things and always cater to my cravings within my allotted calories.
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    Sooo... well this post got lost on origional, simple question.... um...
    So things that I have been eating every day lately
    Baby spinach
    Scandinavian Fiber crackers
    Tofu ( most days)
    Leafy greens spring mix
    Broccoli ( most days)
    Almond milk

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    Whether this is a discussion of same foods every day or not, I will say that when I stick to my core recipes and foods for which I know the calorie counts, I tend to "do better" overall with eating, i.e., hit the calorie goal without going over the cliff. (And what is wrong with the recipe builder these days? It is nearly impossible to use, at least on my browser.)

    So introducing new foods, or trying to accurately record restaurant meals, can lead me to a sense of frustration. It's certainly not that I don't desire a good variety of foods -- I'm just saying that familiar foods are easier and more accurate to log, which in the end is a win.
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    I am definitely not an "Eat the same thing everyday" person, and my diet has only grown more varied since I retired and started focusing on my health and weight.

    That being said, there are some inherent pitfalls in my ever changing, ever trying ways - pitfalls to overeating, for me, such as finding a new tasty dish or snack that then 'calls' to me, or by having such a variety of food I like stocking my cupboards, fridge & freezer that can at times 'call' to me too - there are indeed a few items I just shouldn't have available, as they are never a wise choice, like potato chips or candy bars, so I save those for either 'one of' purchases or to consume outside the home.

    So I actually think that having a few reliable, satiating, calorie-wise items that you enjoy repeated in your regular diet is probably wise and would make this whole weight-loss/weight management a lot easier.

    I came to this thread with that in mind - what are other people's must haves?? Maybe I should get a bit less varied and more disciplined, to make this easier on me in many ways but most especially to be successful??

    And of course I have now added a few more ideas to my repertoire 😝 🤣 and ordered new food items to come online...
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    Thinking of eating an egg everyday, an apple, a banana and rolled oats

    Protein shake, because it's always difficult to hit my protein goal with solid foods 😪
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    5oz Fage 0% with 5-6oz of fresh pineapple, mango, grapes, or cherries when in season.... 17oz of French pressed Lavazza Espresso coffee with 1oz of half and half.
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    Tomatoes and cheese
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    Old fashioned oats with crunchy peanut butter and honey is what I eat everyday in the morning.
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    Lunch everyday cabbage soup with eggwhites. Little bit o kale and jalapeno added for texture contrast.kpmp7slzazue.jpg
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    widgit808 wrote: »
    Lunch everyday cabbage soup with eggwhites. Little bit o kale and jalapeno added for texture contrast.kpmp7slzazue.jpg
    Sounds good. How do you prepare the egg whites? I found that mixing them up with a bit of flavourless unsweetened whey protein powder makes them extremely easy to cook in the microwave, and they release cleanly, without adding any oil.

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    Fiber. Lots n lots of fiber every day. I get em from frozen berries and also butternut squash & other frozen veggies. Fish every day. And every day at lunch I like 2 tea bags of tea/honey/splenda. Its warm, its tasty, its satisfying.

    And potatoes.
  • BartBVanBockstaele
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    Fiber. Lots n lots of fiber every day. I get em from frozen berries and also butternut squash & other frozen veggies. Fish every day. And every day at lunch I like 2 tea bags of tea/honey/splenda. Its warm, its tasty, its satisfying.

    And potatoes.
    Fibre is an important part of my diet as well. It always has been. When I hear that Americans eat an average of 15 g of fibre a day, I can't help but wonder how they do it. Before I started my weight loss diet, I was regularly consuming over 100 g a day. Now, it is more something like 40-50 g, simply because I eat less. That reduction did have a very positive side effect: my toilet does not get clogged nearly as often anymore ^_^.
    Frozen veggies are my favourite too, as well as soybeans. Fish as well, in the form of one can of sardines every day. No squash and berries because of the calories, but I love both of them and hope to restart them to some level once I get to my goal weight (I don't know what that is, but it isn't the one I have now).
    What fish do you eat?
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    By way of volume I could easily add eggs to the list of foods I eat every day.