Started about 6 years ago and was consistent for about 2 years

cprovenghi Posts: 118 Member
As the title says I started about 6 years ago and I lost roughly 40 lbs at that time. In the last 2 years with everything going on in the world and not to mention my personal life I let my health/weight go and here I am back at it to get back on track !


  • brenn35
    brenn35 Posts: 35 Member
    you can do it, Iost 40 lbs 10 years ago and 4 years ago I had gained back 30 of it. I got determined to lose it and watched my calories and my carbs never going over 100 and lost it. I know it was depressing gaining it back.
  • BartBVanBockstaele
    BartBVanBockstaele Posts: 623 Member
    Congratulations, you made a Good Decision. You already know what to do, you have proven it to your own satisfaction. All you need is to do it again, and this time remain disciplined once you get to the weight you want/should be at, and you're golden. Success, you CAN do it.
  • rsb1023
    rsb1023 Posts: 32 Member
    I also lost 40 pounds in 2013 and gained about 5 pounds back until 2020 and then gained another 10. 2020 was a depressing year. I am going to try to back on track this year & lose my extra 15 pound. You have done it before & can do it again!
  • GeeBee08505
    GeeBee08505 Posts: 53 Member
    The great thing is, you know you can do it! You're taking all of the right steps. I, too, am back here after a couple of hiccups. We are all in this together!

  • rperalta15
    rperalta15 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in your exact same situation. It feels awful and I can't believe I let myself get here. But all we can do is focus on what we are going to do now to get back. We have done it once and we can do it again. I've learned to stop focusing on all the negatives (how horrible I feel, how disappointed in myself I am for letting myself get this big, etc) and start only focusing on getting the job done like before. We CAN do this! One day at a time.
  • chrissilini
    chrissilini Posts: 77 Member
    Right there with you! Had to stop running a few years ago because of knee issues. I think I used that as an excuse. I still worked out doing other things but haven't found anything that I love. I was still doing ok with food, or so I thought. Perimenopause is kicking my *kitten* and brought to light that I needed to get back on track again, to feel good again. So, I've got my head on straight, again, have found walking everyday in the snow with my 1 year old black lab has been a great workout, and I'm making myself accountable for food choices. We can do this! Again, lol!
    FABRICWOMAN Posts: 539 Member
    As you can see, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I too have gain back almost all of what I lost in 2021/22, but I am back on course. We know our limits. Mine's is not letting those two bad boys in my house (Ben and Jerry) haha. Good luck on your journey, and wish me well also. We can do this, again. I have a coffee cup on my desk as work that says "NEVER QUIT". Wishing you and everyone else here at MFP the best for 2023.
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