Quick - healthy meals

KatMarie27 Posts: 1 Member
Both my husband and I are busy and don't get home until 5:30 most nights. were both pretty exhausted by then. Does anyone have any recommendations for easy dinners that are healthy and affordable?

We love going to Aldi so bonus points if you can buy the food there.


  • ldaltonbishop
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    Tacos, fajitas, and chili are all pretty quick and easy. Aldi has chicken sausages that I love to cut up and stir fry with peppers and onions, and sometimes diced potatoes. You can also use the chicken sausages, diced small, as the protein for a chef salad. If you use Aldi's organic spring mix or the like, add a couple of roma tomatoes, a boiled egg or two, and some diced onion you have a low calorie, high volume meal. Add cheese and crackers sparingly. Also, Aldi usually has a fair price on a three pound bag of sweet potatoes. Scrub and poke holes in one or two of those and microwave in 3-5 minutes. I like to eat them out of hand and don't add butter or seasonings, but you could, of course. If the potato is very large just split it between you. You can get pork tenderloins and cook them in the oven in about half an hour, or cook a pork loin ahead of time and slice it to have all week -- or to freeze in smaller amounts for another time. Chicken thighs saute and steam pretty quickly; microwave a package of California mix while it cooks and you have a colorful presentation.
  • Strudders67
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    Stir-fries would be my main suggestion. Cook a large mound of veg (you can buy bags of stir-fry veg if you don't want to chop your own) and add some protein - diced chicken, diced pork, diced beef, prawns. I sometimes add sauces but usually just sprinkle a spoonful of stirfry seasoning (5 Thai seasoning mix, 7 Chinese seasoning mix or whatever) to give it a different flavour. I add so many vegetables to my wok that I don't need rice or noodles. Sometimes I'll bake a salmon fillet, sprinkled with Cajun seasoning, and add that to the top of a pile of stir-fried veg.

    Grilled chicken on pasta with a tomato sauce. Add a splash of oil and some garlic and onion to a pan and cook for a couple of mins to soften then add some tomatoes and a tsp of herbs. Let it simmer whilst the pasta and chicken is cooking. Stir the cooked pasta through the tomato sauce and serve topped with chicken. Shouldn't take more than 20 mins from start to finish.

    If you have a slow cooker, add veg, meat and some liquid before you go out in the morning, turn it on low and you'll have a stew / casserole / chilli ready for you when you get home. You'd just need some potatoes or rice to go with it.