Psyllium Fiber Capsules

Anyone who uses these have a story to share? I have started taking them to increase fiber in my diet which is mainly keto based


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    I looked at those recently but decided I would rather eat real food. The typical ones I found had only 0.5g (or less) dietary fiber per capsule. In comparison, the large pear I ate for lunch had more than 5g dietary fiber (10 capsules worth). Not necessarily keto, but better than chugging several capsules.
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    I don't have a story. I sometimes eat the crackers. They fill me up, satisfy my craving for sweets, and are healthy. That's gotta be good.
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    I prefer psyllium powder with water with more water. Make sure you drink enough water with those capsules. The psyllium needs the water to bulk up in your system. I do enjoy the bowel encouraging effects of psyllium, so gentle yet so effective 😊
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    I don't focus on fiber. My focus has been to eat pretty much a whole food diet and I'm low carb and not keto. I don't see the value for adding something like psyllium considering it just upset my stomach when I used it plus it can also and does interfere with the absorption of vitamins and minerals, so I'll just accept the fiber I get from all the vegetables I eat and call it a day and turn off the valuable advertising that says I need it. Your results may vary. Cheers
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    I use psyllium everyday but buy the plain husks 'powder' and add to chia puddings/oatmeal or other things like batters.
    I find it quite filling and thickens said items nicely.
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    I use the crackers at breakfast mostly for fullness and just to nibble on something with tea. I usually also eat a whole apple and have greek yogurt a few hours later. It might be all in my head but I think the mix of different types of fiber does something to keep me feeling fuller and more regular without giving me that icky feeling I get when I eat an apple without anything else in my stomach before noon. That may be more from the cracker but I choose to believe the extra bit of fiber in it is better than eating a normal cracker. I could eat everything at once but I also like spacing the food out in the morning as I start my day and get hungrier. I don’t wake up very hungry.
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    Whenever I'm cutting (like now), I need to take extra fiber. I don't like any of the flavored fiber powders, so, as @misskherrington posts, I sometimes have gone for the capsules. Yes, you have to take them with a big glass of water, but they seem to work as well as anything. Note that the best time might be to take it at bedtime, but that may make you have to get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. It works in the morning as well. But, you should not take it at the same time as vitamins or medication.

    I recently bought a jar of "100% natural" unflavored psyllium powder, thinking I would mix it in my oatmeal. This works, but it changes the flavor and consistency of the oatmeal-- for the worse. So, I've mixed it in water, added a little juice, and slugged it down. Pretty unpleasant.

    For many years, took Citrucel, which is methylcellulose. I started with the sugar-sweetened version, which is easy to drink, but it contains sugar. I hated the sugar-free version. I tried the capsules, but they are quite expensive. It seems to work, but it's a synthesized product. When you learn the other uses of methylcellulose, you may be less likely to want to eat it. That spooks me a little bit and I haven't taken it in a while.

    I've tried Benefiber, which is wheat dextrin. In it's unflavored version, it is almost completely undetectable in liquids (even water) or something like oatmeal. Unfortunately, I also feel like it doesn't help much, so I've lost interest in taking it.

    So, of the bunch, I think the psyllium in powder or capsules is the best choice.