Hey ! Im recivering from BED , and thought id download MFP to help me (I've never started a chat before , this is my first time)
I'm starting clean keto and was inspired by Dr berg , Ruth May , Thomas delauer etc . But BY GOD ITS OVERWHELMING lol . What helped you?
Feel free to chat and comment below about you keto journey 😀


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    Well, if it's hard I guess I'd have to ask you what you expect to get out of it? Do you have a medical recommendation to try keto? I mean, it's not an easy lifestyle by any means and most people can't stick to it long-term.

    If you're doing it to lose weight, it's not magic. Eating less of the food you already were eating will also work. When I was in weight-loss mode I gradually shifted to a lower carb way of eating but not as low as keto...I was at about 1500-1600 calories base daily and I ate in the range of 40% carbs, 35-40% fat and 20-25% protein.

    All you need for weight loss is lower calories and finding a good nutritious general plan.

    There are keto and low carb groups in the Groups area, you'll find more info there: here's the biggest and probably most active group:
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    Ditto on that advice.

    Those 3 sources for information are questionable, especially Ruth May. I would probably suggest for the most informative and level headed advice. Again if you don't have a medical issue that would suggest a ketogenic diet would be beneficial, the chances for success and adherence are as good as Las Vegas. Cheers
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    may I ask, why are you interested in keto? is there a reason or goal that keto would help?

    so, at some point, my thought is to prioritize the goals with matching approaches ~ and addressing issues related to BED would be a top reason goal - with a matching eating approach strategies - to stabilize/normalize eating... practice strategies that help that and diffuse the urges to binge.... have a quick recovery plan (in other words, get up, dust off, assess, adjust plan, practice more.)

    secondary, within the food choices and eating approaches - there are a gazillion ideas, diets and meal plans. Keto is one of them, and keto can trigger/worsen things like BED simply because the food choices are limited. Anything that feels like restriction when it comes to eating can be an underlying trigger until that trigger is desensitized and broken (through practice.)

    nutritionally speaking, is there a reason for starting keto? for me, it was medically recommended as a jumpstart/pre-cursor to low carb for heart health reasons (combined with other medical issues.)

    because keto can be totally triggering - 'helping our body' is another high priority reason - *for my health, to nourish my body* kind of reason. I like o elevate this 2nd reason as equally important with stabilizing eating - both as a dual #1 top priority goal -- and to address both of them with my eating approach - these are priorities are held in top #1 spot over and above weight loss. If I can not stabilize eating, weight loss/keep off the weight loss just won't happen. If I don't take care of my body and I die, well, game over. Knowing these things, deciding these things is just a starting point - followed by practice.... wish it made it completely easy (like a magic pill or wand, lol)

    fwiw, hope this helps as you start with keto. best,