Women 200lb+, Let's Astound Ourselves This April!!!



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    They left this morning. Overall, other than the dog thing and a 30 minute thing on Tuesday, it actually went very well. My daughter's best friend is coming over for the weekend (her parents are going out of town) and that takes the rest of the sting out of the dog thing.
    I'm going to take today to work and then decompress.
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    I've been counting calories (for a change) and now I see the error of my ways. I've "sorta" been following keto and not limiting my protein and fat. Well, do you know how many calories are in a pound of pork sausage? Over 1500! I fried up some this morning but only ate 2 very small patties after discovering the calorie count!

    SW 270
    CW 210
    Goal for April: 207
    Ultimate goal: 170

    @pamperedlinny Glad things went well
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    Well, do you know how many calories are in a pound of pork sausage? Over 1500! I fried up some this morning but only ate 2 very small patties after discovering the calorie count!

    1. I actually would have thought there'd be more calories in a pound.
    2. that puts a new perspective on something I've been struggling with, where I get a pint of ice cream "for emergencies" and then eat the whole thing then buy another "for an emergency." That's...almost as many calories as a pound of sausage!

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    @sargemarcori They had half gallon ice creams on BOGO and I caved in and bought two. (Don't shop on an empty stomach.) I ate one over a couple of days and then started on the other. Yesterday there was half left and I knew I'd eat it so threw it in the garbage. (That's what it is anyway.) I felt victorious just wish I had the $$$ I wasted.

    Still shooting for 207 by April 30th!
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    SW: 288.8 (February 2022)
    CW: 214.2

    4/3- 214.2
    4/10- 214.8

    Goals for April:
    ⬇️ lose 2-3 pounds
    💪 do PT exercises 3 times a week
    📚 read 3+ books
    📖 keep up with daily Bible reading
    🚶‍♀️ start taking small walks outside

    I went out to dinner with my niece last Saturday. I indulged a bit but overall the day was a maintenance level calorie day. Then I had a planned maintenance calorie day on Sunday for Easter. I’m confident the little bit of gain will be gone soon.

    This month has been a bit of a challenge with extra pain issues on top of my usual pain levels and increased fatigue that nothing helps. Due to the extra pain I haven’t kept up with PT exercise as I would like to. I only did them once last week but I did them twice this week.
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    Goode morning everyone!

    I'm back from vacation! 173.6, which is only .6 more than my last weigh in, and there's a chance I might have even lost a little while I was on vacation (due to some bad food tummy things on easter :neutral: ).

    But even if I didn't lose anything, .6 more than my last weigh in is pretty good maintenance. I'm calling it a success.

    I had SO MUCH good food in Boston. My favorite places, spoilered in case you don't want to see food pics:

    Tatte Bakery, a local chain up there- so good I had it two mornings in a row and took it on the train, haha:
    mushroom acorn squash farro bowl and honey halva coffee :yum:
    chickpea puree and fava bean bowl, with the best warm, chewy pita bread
    lemon raspberry pavlova- to die for
    their take on a fattoush salad, very good

    Gene's Flatbread Cafe- known for their hand-pulled noodles, and did not disappoint, the noodles were incredible.

    We of course had tea and scones at Abigail's Tea Room and played 1700s games. I found I am a clotted-cream-on-jam person, instead of the other way.

    Mike's Pastry makes the best cannolis I've ever had. This was so good.

    I was surprised at myself when I found myself doing things like not finishing all my food because I was too full (gene's) or turning down an opportunity for more food because I was at my calorie limit and still not hungry at 3 in the afternoon.

    What I think I'm finding is that quality of food might make a difference for me. Everything up there has some great fats and quality carbs, and I was very satisfied with all the food. So I didn't feel that looking-forward-to-the-next-meal feeling, because I enjoyed the previous food so much. (And I 100% was looking forward to eating at Tatte the second time, but for breakfast the next morning, lol)

    Calories for the week:

    Steps for the time we were in Boston, haha:

    As for favorite non-food things we did, probably the tea party museum's interactive Boston Tea Party, haha, we took a ghost tour of Boston, and our guide was so great, and we met up with a cousin of mine at Dorchester Brewing Company, which housed the Museum of Bad Art, which was a blast (and especially so while drunk).

    Whatsisface throwing the tea into the harbor, lol
    Our tour guide was so funny, she was great.
    This sour watermelon alcohol slush was so good.
    my favorite from the museum of bad art, I present: New Year's Bagel.

    So, yeah! Great vacation, so good that I'm ready to get back into the grind. We're starting today with implementing my 30 different fruit and vegetables a week plan, pics of my preparation and details coming either later today or tomorrow. I got started yesterday while I was wine drunk, and forgot to take a picture, lol.

    My favorite instructor at the gym texted me to say I was missed at the gym, and she couldn't wait until I got back. :bawling: I love my gym so much. Tomorrow I'm doing a new class they're doing, called Stripper Boot Camp, lol. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with that.

    Have a great day, everyone!
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    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to say that I got down in the dumps for several days because it looked like my weight was going up and I felt powerless to do anything about. Stayed home, ate and didn't want to talk with anyone. Ever been like that? But as Rod Stewart sang, "I got my nip and turned around..." and my weight is coming down. I'm counting calories, gardening, getting out and walking more and staying within my two meals a day eating plan.

    SW 270
    CW 212
    Lowest weight to date 207 (March 2023)
    April goal weight 207
    Ultimate GW 170

    @CupcakeCrusoe I'm glad you had a great vacation and enjoyed the company, sights and food without going completely off course! See, it CAN be done!

  • CupcakeCrusoe
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    Good morning everyone!

    174.6 today, but it's fine, whatever. I'm having some bloating/tummy issues again, tired of them tbh!

    Monday Monday, ugh. The nice thing is, I get to take a few hours off in the middle of the day today to take Little to her therapy appointments, so easing back into the workweek.

    30 fruits and veg a week time!
    On top of the breadbox is my breakfast overnight oats base and my lunch, the fajitas, that I'm going to put over spinach.

    There are 15 little snack type things there, some more snacky, some are going on top of my overnight oats. So we have daily a snack I have with coffee at 4, stuff to go over my oats at 7, and a midafternoon snack at about 1-2. My dessert for each day isn't a planned one, because I don't need to use it for "scoring" fruits or veg, I've got enough here.

    Including the lunches, I've got 27 or 28 different fruits and veg there (one is canned fruit cocktail, which I don't know how to count, lol), so including the green beans and cauliflower I ate last night, I'm either going to be at 30 if I eat all these or I'll be 1 away. And that's before all the dinners for the week! So I'll definitely be hitting 30 this week.

    Since I bought a whole bag of grapes and stuff, I also made some for the kids to just grab, to make things easier for me during the week.

    All this took a couple hours of prep, which is not completely unreasonable for me on a weekend.

    @BarbMessimer I've definitely had those times. Losing weight is a marathon and not a sprint, after all. I'm glad it turned around for you.

    Have a great day, everyone!
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    @CupcakeCrusoe I love all your prep there! I really need to do better about having prepped things in the fridge to grab. I'm pretty good with making stuff to freeze or portioning leftovers and freezing them for grab, heat and eat on the go but I'm horrible about doing the same for items in the fridge.

    I didn't post at all over this weekend. As a recap... Starting with Easter …. My daughter’s 2 closest friends stayed overnight Sunday night and didn’t go home until Monday late afternoon. My daughter was on spring break all of last week. My parents visited through most of spring break. My daughter’s BFF had parents out of town and stayed from Friday night through Sunday afternoon and their other friend stayed Saturday night as well. There was also another kids birthday party I took them all to on Saturday afternoon. I took all 3 of them to church on Sunday morning and then met up with a friend (once all the kids were home) for a book fair event. The past 10 days or so have been utter chaos.

    So I’m a bit crazed and trying to get everyone in this house back on a normal schedule this week. Hopefully, by mid-week we’ll be back to normal. This morning was ROUGH!

    I'm planning to go back, read through everything, and be back to posting normally by tomorrow morning. Today, I'm just thinking I still need coffee and it's finally quiet around here for the first time in over a week.
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    edited April 17
    Nov 1st: 260
    Dec 1st: 250
    Jan 1st: 243
    Feb 1st: 238
    Mar 1st: 246
    Apr 1st: 245
    Apr 9th: 241.8
    Apr 16th: 241.2
    Apr 23rd:
    Apr 30th:

    Week 2:
    🌻Swim x2 a week ❌️
    🌻Strength Train x2-x3 a week✅️
    🌻Stay within calorie goal❌️
    🌻Eat more protein✅️
    🌻Log all food✅️

    Had my period this week and it hit me a little hard. Woke up and my stomach hurt for no reason and I think I'm still a little bloated, so I'm not really sweating my .6 loss today.

    Was super hungry one day and just couldn't stop eating and I mowed my lawn in the 85° heat, which took about an hour, so I counted it as cardio, but didn't mange to make it to the pool at all.

    Overall, I'm pretty happy that I've made it to the women's gym 7 times already this month. It's funny because my other gym (with the pool) is a 3 minute drive from my house and the women's gym is 23 minute drive, but still I'd rather go there to use the machines and weights, etc, because it's so chill...it also smells nicer, too.
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    I haven't been feeling well for this past week. I thought I was depressed about my weight gain but I just took my blood pressure. It's low (for me). Think I'll start monitoring my BP more frequently and notify my doctor if it gets too low. Might be why I haven't had much energy.

    I'm back on track diet-wise and discovered today that I can log what I'm going to eat on MFP and then print it out to follow as I go through the day, and I was able to "tweak it". For example, if I had 1/2 cup of a calorie rich item instead of a whole cup, I would be within my calorie allowance so best not to have a whole cup! What a great tool!

    @CupcakeCrusoe ... You've given me an idea about how I can plan my portions with your containers. What a great idea. I'm going to start doing it!

    @RavenStCloud ... I see where you had a little trouble in March and glad you didn't give up and are on your way down again. You're almost back to your February weight. I can relate. I'm still over what I weighed last month but not going to let it "blow my mind".

    @pamperedlinny ... You've had a hectic time. It sure can play havoc with your weight loss efforts, can't it!
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    I decided I need to check in here more often and respond right away or time gets away from me.
    I totally admire you ladies who have busy families and continue to work on yourself. I think I lost myself shortly after I got married and had 4 children, and it's taken a long time and deep courage for me to reemerge. I'm still struggling to find the surface some days now that we're running for our 4 grandchildren. It's fun, but I'm a homebody with lots of projects that keep adding up so it's hard to leave some days.

    @pamperedlinny I hope you had a chance to have a quiet morning with that cup of coffee you were wanting. I'm sorry about the situation with your parents. Boundary lines are so hard to draw, but when it comes to affecting your children, it's got to be done. I'm glad she could spend time with her friends to keep her mind off of her disappointment.

    @Sissylynn1979 I think eating under your maintenance level is a great goal. How are things going?

    @CupcakeCrusoe You are so organized! I love seeing all of your yummy snacks in their containers. Great idea! I am also amazed by your steps count when you were in Boston. 20,000 3 days in a row would probably kill me... well, my feet anyway (lol)!

    @justanotherloser007 Congratulations to your daughter on her engagement. Exciting times ahead!

    @kelliward1 I was in Texas about a month ago and the bluebonnets and other flowers along the roadside and in the fields were incredible! You are lucky to have them. I have 2 grandsons in martial arts and that black belt is something you earn with hard work. Good luck!

    This is getting long and I know I've missed some of you. But I will try to keep up a little better from now on. Things are OK here. Finally have a day when it's not cold or have 50mph wind (like yesterday) so I will go out and start on my flowerbed cleanup. I have so many areas that it will take awhile.
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    Just me again! I wanted to thank @badnoodle and @pamperedlinny for the words of support after my doctor increased my statin without a discussion. I looked at the numbers and they are all in the normal range except the total number had gone up to 224 which is not bad (in my very unprofessional opinion). The ratio is 2.7 so I'm fine with that. In fact, I'm quite pleased with my HDL being over 80 when optimal is 60. I have lots of family members with numbers like mine and little if any heart disease in the family that I know of. I am going to buy a pill splitter and continue to take 10 milligrams a day and go back to the things I had been doing before I quit doing them. So this might be a good wake up call to change my ways and eat more fiber and exercise more. Two things I need to do anyway but now my goal is to bring down the 224 without doubling the statin.

    @shellifish7295 Love your name! Have you been keeping a running count of your goals? Do you think it's helpful? I need to post mine again because I think it really does help keep me accountable.

    @CupcakeCrusoe The ikigai I do is from the book "Ikigai, the Japanese secret to longevity" or something like that. I don't remember exactly. I borrowed the book from the online library and took screenshots of the exercises, so I'd remember them. There is a journal on Amazon that goes with it but I don't have it. I do the exercises for the development of self-discipline rather than count it as a workout. It's definitely not a habit yet, but it's coming.
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    Good Morning Everyone!

    My name is Lindsay, I’m 42 years old, 5’11 and have only recently come back to MFP after a super long absence. Motivation is always a struggle for me and I’m so happy I stumbled upon this group!
    S.W – 288 (as of today)
    G.W – 180

    I really hope to stay accountable to both becoming a healthier version of myself as well as shrinking those numbers on the scale. I am in a currently flare up with my crohn’s disease and am currently on prednisone, which always makes losing weight tricky but am going to continue getting in my steps and tracking my food and try not to get discouraged 😊
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    A good week. Lots of rehearsal for the community theater production of Imaginary Invalid, which has kept me from doing much walking or other evening exercise. On the upside, I have managed to avoid all the chips and other carb-y junk food we seem to keep backstage.

    I keep waiting for the right alchemy of weather and lack of scheduling to take the kayak out for it's maiden voyage of 2023. I've lost enough weight that I could safely use my 10' Lifetime sit-in instead of the big 12' Yellowfin, though she'll probably sit mighty low in the water, and the 10' is much easier to finesse inside my CRV instead of wrangling it onto the roof.

    Tomorrow I head down to Houston for work, which I'm not looking forward to because I'll be stuck inside all day in dress clothes, and because it's scheduled or catered for every meal. They managed to pick two restaurants where literally NOTHING fits my dietary restrictions for carbs, calories, and salt except a side order of asparagus or a pathetic side salad. I have no idea how you get 2400 mg of sodium into a grilled chicken breast, but there we are.

    SW: 271.4
    CW: 234.6 (-1.4)
    GW: 150ish

    get 7,000 steps a day: 14/17 👍
    get all 25g of fiber: 14/17 👍

    Stretch goal: 95 grams of protein 4/17 😒

    @CupcakeCrusoe Between your obvious fun on vacation or the on-point prep method, you're positively inspirational. I'm doing good to put celery in a zippie bag.
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    Guys, Tahitig is not going to get to Tahiti any time soon at this rate !

    For the first time in more than a year, I’ve gained weight – three big pounds – and it's not due to pre-period bloating (whohoo, those days are over!) or water weight from excess sodium – it’s fat.

    Fat from cookies and ice cream and chocolate bunnies enjoyed with my grandchildren. I was very grateful to be able to celebrate Easter this year (you all might remember that I almost bought the farm a few months ago when I was paralyzed in the ICU with COVID and Guillain Barré), and so I hopped around (because I can again, yay ! ) and indulged in all the Easter goodies. All of them.

    Now, I’m facing the music, so to speak, and am back on track. I’ve read about several other forum members here who have struggled with recent setbacks -- cause as much as we’d like to, we can’t all be @cupcakeCrusoe when it comes to weight loss! ; ) (We’re proud of you, @cupcakeCrusoe, and maybe just a little bit jealous while we’re dealing with setbacks).

    We all have to find our own strengths to work through a setback, and soaking up the encouragement found here is a great start.

    Next, as research is usually the way I deal with most problems or challenges, I offer these suggestions from the American Psychological Association:
    Realize that setbacks are normal and part of the weight loss process.
    Admitting to the setback early (after gaining a few pounds) instead of avoiding the scale helps you regain motivation.
    Being kind to yourself during a setback helps you regain control.

    More tips for dealing with a weight loss setback come from the Mayo Clinic:
    Focus on weekly weight-loss goals and trends rather than weighing daily.
    Reassess your program and your goals. If you temporarily need more calories, make a maintenance plan that will give you a break from dieting while not losing any more of your progress – include a date to re-commit to your weight loss regime.
    Focus for a while on where your motivation is highest – for example, if your motivation to become more active is higher than for healthy eating, increase your exercise and concentrate less on diet for a short while.

    The Mayo Clinic also has a free assessment here to help determine your mindset and motivation for boosting weight loss efforts:

    Besides dealing with my own annoying setback, I see that @RavenStCloud is successfully moving forward from a recent setback, and to @swimmom_1: I watched your incredible progress all last year – I KNOW you can reclaim and surpass it!

    For those of us experiencing setbacks, let’s get them all in the rear-view mirror as soon as possible. And for everyone who is in the groove and currently losing, thank you for continuing to inspiring me – Tahiti is waiting ! 🏝️🍍🥥 🌺 🌴 🐠

    SW: 218
    CW: 188
    April goal: 187
    GW: 155
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    @CupcakeCrusoe, those cannolis from Mike's (the one in Cambridge) got me through years of papers and final exams -- oh my, they're delicious !!
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    @nebslp thanks. It was a nickname from my sisters best friend in high school and it stuck. I started a running total and my goals had to change for health reasons. I need to rethink things.
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    Good morning everyone!

    172.2 this morning, which is a nice surprise. I didn't expect to see that number again for a little while after vacation.

    Stripper Boot Camp last night was amazing- we paired up and did partner exercise, squatting while holding each other's forearms, assisting with pullups by holding the girls' legs, we did this hip dip thing where one person makes a bridge, and the other person does tricep dips while holding backward onto the bridge person's knees- it was a great workout, and a lot of fun, too. Everyone at the gym was happy to see me again. I love my gym.

    (And as an aside- I totally 100% did not want to go, lol. I always look forward to going in the morning, and then right after work, I think of every excuse I could use to get out of going, because I'm always tired after work. But ultimately, the cancellation fee gets me to go even when I don't want to. If I don't cancel by 9am the day of the night class, I get charged the full amount of the class, so might as well go! But then, in the middle of class and after class, I'm always happy I went.)

    My fruit and veg plan is going along swimmingly, no problems so far. I did really want chocolate this morning in addition to my planned fruit with my coffee, but I put some sugar-free sweetener in the coffee, instead, and we'll save the chocolate for after dinner tonight.

    I've got to get over the scarcity mindset I always have when it comes to treats. The nice thing about chocolate is, all the rest of my family likes gummy candy instead, for the most part. So there's no scarcity. The majority of the chocolate I bring in, I'm the one eating it. Gotta get over that mindset from childhood that if I don't eat something RIGHT NOW, it will be gone when I come back to it.

    Tag party time!
    @pamperedlinny that is WILD, and I hope you get some good calm and quiet for the next few days at least. :smile:

    @RavenStCloud you're really bossing this, doing amazing. I totally understand wanting to go to a farther gym because you just like the :star: vibe :star: better, that is the story of my life, haha

    @BarbMessimer I do love your idea of printing out your pre-logged food to make adjustments as you go! Takes all the guesswork out of it later.

    @nebslp I'm just catching up on your statin stuff- it's terrible that you can't trust your GP to listen to your concerns about this. Is it possible for you to find a GP that might work with you more- maybe check your numbers again after taking half a dose for a while to see if that's best? I totally relate to docs not listening, in my case it's about blood pressure, but after I found a GP who allowed me to upload my BP readings in a portal for a while, he reduced the dose. I'm wondering if you could find a GP who was willing to work with you, the whole scenario sucks and you have my sympathy about it.

    @LindsayLou80 welcome! Crohn's is so hard, I'm sorry you're having to deal with that, and the prednisone. I think our fellow thread-er @justanotherloser007 was or still is on prednisone for a different reason, she might have some good insight about losing weight while on it.

    @badnoodle I love that it's almost kayak season for you! It sounds so fun, definitely something I've always wanted to try. And 2400 mg of sodium for a chicken breast!! :open_mouth: that's WILD. Best of luck navigating catered food!

    @tahitig so happy to see you again! I'm glad you enjoyed your easter, and 3 lbs is definitely recoverable. We're all dealing with our own demons (and literally you've been through so much!), comparison is the thief of joy.

    Right now in my life I'm in a good "season" for losing weight, and so I am, but I have had my seasons where, for one reason or another, I'm just not doing that- like from September of last year to January of this year, haha. In fact, I think mine might actually be tied to actual seaons, now that I think of it. 🤔

    I am going to take that mayo clinic quiz as soon as I get home to see what I can glean from it, thanks for sharing!

    And I love the energy you're bringing to the thread, extremely motivating. Especially that you're working toward tahiti!! 🏝️🍍🥥 🌺 🌴 🐠

    In fact, thinking about tahiti makes me want to bring this back:

    @shellifish7295 we're here for you about goals, changing them, keeping a list of them, whatever works best for you. Some people post them, others don't, the nice thing about this thread is that there are no rules- whatever works for you is what you should do! :wink:

    Have a great day, everyone! I'll leave you with something another threader said once: You haven't come this far to only come this far. Let's kick it.
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    Hey all!

    I’m back to being more normal. Yesterday I had a few rough moments where I seriously wanted chips and junk. I did have a handful of m&m’s and can’t say I stayed at my lowest calorie count ever. However, I can say I stayed below my 1800 limit. Yay!

    Tonight is my Ladies’ Bible Study at church. I don’t know what the menu is supposed to be so I’m going to try keeping my calories lower through the day so I can enjoy whatever it is served. I’ll also have the movie night on Saturday. Given our list of movies to watch we are going to change to twice a month instead of just once a month. I’m both excited for more time with my closest girlfriends and nervous for how often that means I’ll be hosting pot luck food at home.

    @RavenStCloud I’m so glad you are enjoying your new gym!

    @BarbMessimer I hope you feel better quickly and find answers you may need. I love that you pre-log your diary and tweak it throughout the day. I used to pre-log a lot when I was in the office. Then I would keep it logged in and minimized to adjust through the day. It was certainly the easiest way I found to be out at the office and still keep good track… and sometimes stay no at the cookies or whatever in the kitchen.

    @nebslp I think we all lose ourselves once in a while. I’m glad you have a plan with your medication.

    @LindsayLou80 Welcome!!!! My mom’s best friend when I was a kid as well as a friend I had since high school have Crohn’s. Also, my dad has been on prednisone for an autoimmune issue for the past 8 or 10 months. I’ve seen how those things can affect you. I know that not being able to eat a salad or things that others eat to be “healthier” makes things so much harder. You can do this though!

    @badnoodle Great job avoiding the carb-y junk while being in rehearsal. I’ve found that I can’t even try and track sodium. There is so much in everything that isn’t homemade. Like crazy high amounts. I hope you find things to eat on your work trip.

    @tahitig You can bounce back from 3 lbs. You’ve got this! Those are great tips.

    @CupcakeCrusoe Great weigh in! Your classes always sound so fun! When I first started trying to eat better I used to tell myself that if I could wait until Friday or whatever day I picked, then I could have it. Chocolate was a big one for me. I would tell myself on Monday or Tuesday that if I still wanted it over the weekend I could have one candy bar. So many times I would think about it all week then decide I didn’t need it after all.