Where do you buy your gym clothes from?

Besides the name brand gym clothing brands such as gymshark, roguefitness, Gymreapers where do you get your gym clothes from? Do you just where whatever you feel comfortable in?


  • DancingMoosie
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    Mostly old navy. They go on sale and I use my bucks back and spend very little "real money".
  • AnnPT77
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    Yes, I wear whatever I feel comfortable in, plus safe (for example, no loose clothing while doing things where it might get caught on equipment).

    I row, mostly on water, but machines in Winter; and cycle, on a bike in OK weather but stationary in Winter. I don't like spending money on clothes. My workout "uniform" is leggings, usually whatever was affordable in fabrics I prefer, at Costco or Walmart; and a T-shirt, usually from one of the craft stores (Michael's, JoAnn, etc.) where they sell them very cheaply on sale. When I used to go to an actual gym (pre-pandemic), I wore the same stuff.

    Some people like technical fabrics; I don't.

    I do buy more technical jackets or wind/rain pants for the shoulder seasons from specialty sources, because I need some special features in those.

    I'm not stylish. Not even close.
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  • SafariGalNYC
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    Anything I wear has to be comfortable..
    Most of my gym/workout clothes comes from Lululemon and the Equinox shop ..
  • yirara
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    Whatever is comfortable. Just a random shirt that I wore during daytime and that is ready for laundry anyway, simple pilates pants. Whatever. For whatever I do.

    On the note of brand items: I just bought a new handluggage duffle. The most suitable one had terrible, very noticeable branding. I spent most of yesterday removing it because I'm not an advertizing poster for anyone. That's my opinion on brand items.
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    @Thighsandpizza Ps … men’s wear .. check out Vuori work out clothes… sooooooo super soft. I was walking through my gyms shop and I was obsessed with how soft their clothes were. Most of the cool stuff was mens. They are also online.

    @yirara - re: brands, I’m cool with a brand logo if it’s quality. It’s like Porsche.. if I like it, I guess I’m buying the brand. I wouldn’t buy something just for the logo cache.
  • Rockmama1111
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    Old Navy is my choice. It’s not the best quality and it gets stretched out, but my daughter works there so it’s REALLY cheap for me.

    I did spring for a pair of pants from Athleta when they were having a sale; they are thick, and I wanted something for walking outside in the cold. They look really good on, I must say! The cut is nice and they are very warm.
  • nossmf
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    Call me cheap. Over the decades I've accumulated dozens of t-shirts for random reasons, as gifts, as prizes for completing a 5k run, for a design which at one point caught my eye. My job asks me to only wear collared shirts, which for me is almost entirely polos, so my t's are only worn on weekends usually. Thus about half of my t's got redesignated as workout shirts, which is just fine for lifting and treadmill use. Pair them with Walmart shorts and I'm good to go.
  • HoneyBadger302
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    I like Live Fit's joggers and some of 1st Phorm's sports bras, and sweatshirts from both. I haven't found a tank/tee provider that I love though.

    I don't like wearing leggings though, which is what is mostly put out there for women (grrr), so the joggers are where it's at for me. Under Armour has some stuff I like too, but their joggers were short on me, so I just wear them as lounge pants now.

    I still have a number of pair of Fabletics leggings and a few of their tanks - I liked them at the time, but have just come to realize I can be a lot happier in workout clothes that are more "me"
  • springlering62
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    Champion/Hanes website has some nice stuff at very reasonable prices and it lasts and lasts. I use their loose joggers to wear home from aquafit. (Because it’s an utter PITA to put on dry clothes when you’re even slightly damp. I’m going to invent a giant ceiling mounted crochet hook to pull off wet sports bras and bathing suit tops, too, and some kind of bear-like scratching post to pull them down and on when changing from sweaty gym gear to bathing suits. Locker rooms are the single worst part of my day. I swear changing damp clothes hurts my shoulders 100x worse than any curl or fly.)

    Viv Collection (via Amazon or direct through their own website) has “looser” fitting close fitting leggings that last forever, can be machine dried, beaten, abused, and still come out looking great and unfazed. I started using their leggings as jammies when I moved to different workout leggings and bet I’ve worn them 100x or more. No exaggeration- they look like new.

    98 degrees or RBX, available on Amazon and often waaaay cheaper at TJMAxx and sister stores, also great quality.

    My absolute favorite is Yoga Democracy. If you’re on their mailing list they send substantial discounts, plus frequent buyer discount. Stretchy, don’t pull down, made from recycled bottles, bright colors which don’t fade, and dry quickly (and I’m usually drenched following a hot class or two). They also never accumulate smell or odor like other workout gear. I machine wash them and hang dry- would not put them in a dryer. Very form fitting, but flattering. The high waistband is comfy and holds that extra skin in like a champ without feeling like Spanx, even if you stand on your head, lol. I think they go up to 3X, too.

    I couldn’t work out in a T, or anything else cotton. It would stick to me and just be gross and clammy. I wore a nice cotton tank to the gym last week and smacked myself upside the head afterwards. Ugh. Never again.

    Lulu- sucks since they discontinued their Cool Racer tanks. And they seem to think every woman is clamoring for revealing midriff tanks. Ummmm, no. I simply want to work out comfortably, not be some Instagram poster girl. Their leggings are OK, a little suffocatingly hot in the fabric dept , but I still carry a grudge from the way I was treated at several LuLu stores in my obese days. There is a secret part of me that hopes every one of those young gals who treated me like that ultimately got fat, too. “We don’t” (sniff, haughty look) “carry anything in your size” (eye roll) is the LuLu attitude.

    Not nice I know, but they could have used a good dose of “woke”, body positivity, and just plain kindness in their training.
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    Target mostly...I'm pushing 50 and haven't cared about branding and whatnot for a very long time...as long as it's comfortable and whisks away moisture it's fine. One caveat would be cycling gear for which I am much more particular due to otherwise having a sore *kitten*.
  • springlering62
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    Niyama Sol. Celebrity endorsed. Less than impressed with the quality. Even the busy prints are see through, waist bands got loose quickly, visible fade after first wash.
  • SavageMrsMoose
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    My cousin recommended a female owned and designed sportswear company called Oiselle - available online- and their sports bras a really good. Soft and supportive. Some models have a cell phone pocket which is nice for running. Otherwise, I wear LuLu leggings or tennis skirts. Yes they are snobby, but the pockets on the legs are perfect for carrying my cell phone and limiting thigh chafing.