Comment here if you want more friends-2



  • IsraaQ
    IsraaQ Posts: 60 Member
    Count me in :)
  • sugagirl5
    sugagirl5 Posts: 14 Member
    Would love some more fitspo friends on here plz add me! <3
  • reynoldsr586
    reynoldsr586 Posts: 2 Member
    I would like more people to help hold me accountable I have been on the app for a while but keeposeing faith and straying away
  • Sweatinginmy40s
    Sweatinginmy40s Posts: 43 Member

    Sign me up for more friends any day of the week!
  • Notsohot7
    Notsohot7 Posts: 33 Member
    Count me in🙂
  • bdole82
    bdole82 Posts: 3 Member
    Always looking to add friends and be added.
  • e46lowlife
    e46lowlife Posts: 3 Member
    Sign me up
    More friends more motivation
  • tonyapeterson9803
    tonyapeterson9803 Posts: 2 Member
    I am looking for people to help keep me accountable. Please add me as a friend =)
  • GrumpyDumpty
    GrumpyDumpty Posts: 228 Member
    currently on a 2870 streak, always open for motivation, and motivating others
  • TomInAiken
    TomInAiken Posts: 30 Member
    Back doing MFP after recovering from multiple myeloma. Looking for friends who are serious about supporting each other through this journey.
  • ITVGuy2000
    ITVGuy2000 Posts: 46 Member
  • fatmam7assan
    fatmam7assan Posts: 1 Member
    Oh I would love to have some friends in my home page.
  • notafatmommy
    notafatmommy Posts: 29 Member
    I would love more friends that a dedicated and motivated to this lifestyle.
  • ncallahan182
    ncallahan182 Posts: 1 Member
    Would love some friends to help keep me accountable.
  • dblirondog
    dblirondog Posts: 123 Member
    If you like Pina coladas.....
  • anna_avo93
    anna_avo93 Posts: 64 Member
    If you like more than pina coladas
  • heatherjaeger0312
    heatherjaeger0312 Posts: 5 Member
    I'd LOVE some friends 😀
  • SamanthaLM91
    SamanthaLM91 Posts: 16 Member
    I’m struggling to add friends on here, everyone’s profiles seem to be set to private and I don’t know another way to add anyone lol
    So feel free to add me. The more the merrier :) x
  • Quggin
    Quggin Posts: 17 Member
    Working at being a bit more active, both on this site and actually moving. Would love more friends who are active.
  • wheels1872
    wheels1872 Posts: 61 Member
    Add me anyone need more friends