Looking for Friends that have had recent weight loss surgery

twilightlvr79 Posts: 130 Member
I had vertical sleeve gastrectomy on 05/08/23 and I would love to find others who are navigating this new life. Would love to hear from anyone who has had sleeve or bypass at anytime, especially those who have had it recently.


  • Dellagirl5316
    Dellagirl5316 Posts: 24 Member
    I had sleeve surgery in 2008, it changed my life I’ve found it hard to get under that 200 lbs mark even still but I’m 100 lbs light still today and not on insulin anymore nor on CPAP machine anymore and I’m grateful for every day

    I share my food diary if you’d like to be friends
  • hoarc1987
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    I had some coworkers who did.. also worked in a gastric bypass hospital floor.. the ones who did said they had a skin challenge and also staying in the recommended food menu was a challenge.. emotional eating was an issue for some.. others I’ve seen ten to fifteen years post op and they have lost a lot of weight and were happy with it.. I think you’re on the right track reaching out for support and community to help you get guided and focused.