Comment here if you want more friends-2



  • godsdevillishangel
    godsdevillishangel Posts: 1 Member
    Yes, please friend me! I'm starting my weight loss journey again, hopefully to be down in size before my bday (9/9) B)
  • LiftEatRepeat43
    LiftEatRepeat43 Posts: 5 Member
  • aflads1
    aflads1 Posts: 3 Member
  • GrumpyDumpty
    GrumpyDumpty Posts: 234 Member
    hello, my names grumpy dumpty aka, Gareth, currently on a 2915 streak, former member of the 100 pound club, but life and stuff got in the way,
    Currently over 3 stone (42 pounds down) since my battle with alcohol ,would love some new motivation
  • Nel_7878
    Nel_7878 Posts: 8 Member
    Hello. I have quite a bit of weight to lose. Hope to meet others here with similar goals. Send me a request for the support. ☺️
  • Dellagirl5316
    Dellagirl5316 Posts: 24 Member
    Could always use more friends fell free to send me a request
  • stacie_gourlay_1993
    stacie_gourlay_1993 Posts: 28 Member
    It would be nice having a couple people who are on similar journey to myself :) I'm 30 years old also a mum of 3 fighting PCOS what did make me gain a lot of weight over the years I've got around 130lb to lose and 5ft 5
  • MPwife10
    MPwife10 Posts: 130 Member
    I need more friends.
  • denisewhittle1963
    denisewhittle1963 Posts: 3 Member
    The original thread has vanished I think.
    So comment here to add more friends πŸ™ƒ
    Let the fun begin!!

    I need some motivation so anyone ready to give me some
  • goldengirljake
    goldengirljake Posts: 21 Member
    Please feel free to add me πŸ˜ƒ I have 20-40lbs to lose and get back in shape ! I’ve been rubbish at eating healthily and too much laziness. Need motivation to move myself and the scale !
  • OhioDido
    OhioDido Posts: 37 Member
    59 yo grandfather here looking to lose weight and get more fit so I can be there for my toddler granddaughters who we’re helping to raise. Always happy to make friends and so we can support each other.
  • CM_73
    CM_73 Posts: 554 Member
    Everybody needs more friends!
  • Viridian1539
    Viridian1539 Posts: 153 Member
    Would love more friends for motivation and accountability! Please add me <3
    - Bekkah
  • Fascinationstreet10
    Fascinationstreet10 Posts: 31 Member
    Looking for more friends to egg eachother on and with a dash of humour would be a bonus. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
  • GrumpyDumpty
    GrumpyDumpty Posts: 234 Member
    34 year old, alcoholic, whos now 1 year sober, currently on a final " lets try again " 8 year logging streak, follow me for laughs and motivation
  • jbyers877
    jbyers877 Posts: 21 Member
    YES! Seems like I'm continually starting over, this time with 150 days to the big 50. Determined to be in better shape than I was at 30 or 40.
  • deanpaul76
    deanpaul76 Posts: 5 Member
    Feel free to add me. In need of ideas and motivation
  • At701South
    At701South Posts: 18 Member
    edited June 2023
    Yes, Please! Looking to lose about 40 - 45 lbs and could absolutely use a few friends to help with accountability, support, and motivation. I have been on and off with MFP for years but today I hit my absolute highest and realized I need to get serious. Please feel free to send me a friend request.
  • Dolly1981x
    Dolly1981x Posts: 3 Member
    Yes please, feel a bit like a fish out of water πŸ™„ new to the app and another fresh start. Any help along the way would be greatly appreciated πŸ™