Women 200lb+, Let's Be Jubilant This June!!!



  • cvainc1
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    SW: 310
    CW: 301
    GW: 170

    I am just starting out and I’m working on weight loss it’s a struggle somedays are harder than others . I never realized how much of an impact weight would be it’s been so many emotions for me but I’m trying my best to stay on track . I have goals of getting below 300 and I want to start being more productive in weight loss . I never noticed how much I’ve disconnected from making exercise a priority. I don’t really have a lot of people to talk to so I’m just trying to get ideas and stay encouraged to do the weight loss.
  • serenecompassion2663
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    @cvainc1 : Welcome!! So glad you’re here! In my journey of Recovery I have found exercise helps my mood above all things, flexibility second, and overall health third. I, too, have problems motivating myself to exercise. I have found working out in the pool helps my joints: I have arthritis. I have a pool near me that has a section that has a River current. I want to start walking against that current for 20 minutes, 2x/week, but have a hard time motivating myself to go.
    So glad to see you here!

    Andi in Illinois
  • sargemarcori
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    hello, new people! This thread has been pretty quiet this month, and I've definitely been contributing to that. Here's hoping we are all back on this wagon together next month! That's definitely my plan--to be here, to be trying. On we go.
  • RavenStCloud
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    💜💜💜Hey, ladies! Next month's group has been posted in the Motivation and Support forum:

    🌈Women 200lb+, Let's Fly High This July!!!🌈


    Hope to see you there!!!💜💜💜