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Ok when I scanned these hot dogs on my fitnesspal the calories came up different then on the package? What would you do? Would you go by the package or fitnesspal? When I google it says 120 cals per hot dog to for these but the package is saying 90. My gut says to go with the package.

Curious, What would you do?


  • Lietchi
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    Follow the package.
    MFP's database contains outdated or just plain wrong data sometimes.
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    Packaging can be off 20% by law. Check a couple other websites for comparison
  • BrightEyedAgain
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    First, check and make sure there isn't an MFP entry that matches your package because sometimes you'll find one if you keep scrolling down the list. But, if there isn't one, I'd follow the package. MFP is a database created by users, so it has a lot of errors and outdated information. It's still very useful for making it easy to log, but if there's a conflict, I go with the package.
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    Scanning is just a faster way to get to MFP's cluttered and glitchy database. Go with the package.

    Here's my standard answer on finding accurate entries, mostly for whole foods:

    Unfortunately, the green check marks in the MFP database are used for both USER-created entries and ADMIN-created entries that MFP pulled from the USDA database. A green check mark for USER-created entries just means enough people have upvoted the entry - it is not necessarily correct.

    To find ADMIN entries for whole foods, I get the syntax from the USDA database and paste that into MFP. All ADMIN entries from the USDA will have weights as an option BUT there is a glitch whereby sometimes 1g is the option but the values are actually for 100g. This is pretty easy to spot though, as when added the calories are 100x more than is reasonable.

    Use the “SR Legacy” tab - that's what MFP used to pull in entries.

    Note: any MFP entry that includes "USDA" was USER entered.

    For packaged foods, I verify the label against what I find in MFP. (Alas, you cannot just scan with your phone and assume what you get is correct. Note: scanning is mostly only available with Premium these days.)
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    The exact reason why I stopped using the barcode scanner and didn't care when it became a paid option.