What To Do When You Are Really Hungry?



  • RenaTX
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    Are you sure 1200 is the correct calorie goal for you ? That's the first thing I would check. Make sure you are entering the correct activity level as well when you calculate this.

    You can check it against http://ratfactor.com/tools/fatcalc

    Then drink a glass of water and see how you feel after that. You want to make sure you aren't just thirsty.
  • _averagepowerlifter_
    I'm not an expert and working on keeping my daily intake in check myself, but I've found that whole pickles help. The crunch, flavor, and size of a pickle just make it seem to satisfy snack cravings. Nutritional info says that they don't have any calories, so I eat it with relatively no worry whatsoever about how it affects my daily allowance.

    I also enjoy chocolate rice cakes made by Quaker. 60 calories and keep takes longer than a few seconds to eat :)

    Good luck finding what works!
  • csplatt
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    if i am legitimately struggling and i haven’t been making a pattern of cheat days then i will simply eat at maintenance for the day. return to the plan the next day.
  • Darkstar45
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    For the days that I slip, I think of the big picture. "Will one day of eating a hand full (or two) of chips make me gain weight"? Probably not. As long as it is not frequent. You also have the option, for a day that you go over the 1200 cals, do some activity. Do you utilize the exercise diary? I add even lawn mowing (and trust me, you burn a lot of calories with it, lol). But you could even use it before you actually engage in an activity and just plug in something you might want to do. Do you feel like walking? Put it in and it will tell you how many calories you'll burn, and if you go back to your food diary, it will show you how many extra calories you've "earned" for the day. So if you've consumed 1400 calories, and you do some activity that increases your daily calorie limit to 1500, there you go! You're still at a caloric deficit. You got this!
  • rileysowner
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    nsk1951 wrote: »
    Next time, try an egg

    This, or something else high protein. The simple carbs in the fruit will not provide satiety, and will not keep you full as long as an egg will.
  • royekd
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    I eat a lean protein, some chicken breast for example, and wait 20 minutes. This almost always takes away the hunger
  • memeq2
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    Protein and fiber are my friends.
  • Hobartlemagne
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    Dill pickles are VERY low calorie.

    Alternatively, you could eat a raw, spicy pepper. You wont worry about hunger after that.
  • AmunahSki
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    How about Tom Yum soup? A serving (15g of paste) is around 45 calories (depending on the brand), then add according to whatever you have to hand… mushrooms (25 cals per 100g), a spring onion (scallions, to you in the US), maybe a bell pepper, go ahead and add protein if you have the calories (prawns, chicken). I only recently discovered this ambrosial liquid, and it hits all the ‘spicy and filling’ buttons for me!
  • natatat33
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    Following, I need ideas as well 😅
  • pkt67z
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    petite baby carrots and a tiny bit of peanut butter(if needed). They are crunchy and I'm usually so tired of them but the time I eat the little 35 calorie bag that I don't want anything else. That or a greek yogurt. Oikos triple zero is low cal, no fat and relatively low sugar.,
  • VeryKatie
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    Unless you're a tiny menopausal woman, 1200 calories is not enough. You're not even providing your body what it needs if it were in a coma. That's why you're so hungry.
  • springlering62
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    VeryKatie wrote: »
    Unless you're a tiny menopausal woman, 1200 calories is not enough. You're not even providing your body what it needs if it were in a coma. That's why you're so hungry.

    I would argue the menopausal, but not the rest of it.
  • perryc05
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    My body usually wants sugar so I try to eat a tin of sardines with some capers scattered on them.